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Find Beach Clubs & New Members - 5/16/18

LexaTheKatsumiBabyLexaTheKatsumiBaby Posts: 219Community Moderator Community Moderator

Promote your Beach Clubs here, Tropic Hosts! Make sure to provide the needed information below so that it will be easier for other players to decide which Club to join.

  • Beach Club XP
  • Number of Guests shared by your members in the last week
  • Current Number of Members


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  • Rngal_2005Rngal_2005 Posts: 9Member Beach Bum
    edited May 16
    I have a new club, Harmonious Isle. We are looking for new members. Must be active, respectful players. Females only. We love to chat. We love to boost. Very competitive in cruises. If this is for you, come on over!
  • nananan3nananan3 Posts: 37Member Beachcomber
    Hello islanders....Dolphin Bay Island has 5 openings for active, chatty, helpful players. We are a very well established club...we work together as a team to advance in cruise and boosting...our leaders are fair and our rules are simple....manners, teamwork, chat a if you're looking for club that is warm and friendly, stop in...see what you think...please be level 20 or higher and addicted to the game like we are lol..!!
  • kiki1974kiki1974 Posts: 7Member Beach Bum

    Hi TE addicts! GAME OF RESORTS are looking for one more member of the team. We boost almost 24/7, we chat a lot, and we are very competitive in our tourneys and the cruise ship event. We are Silver 4 at the moment...we have people from the USA, UK, Greece, Ireland, Canada. And it’s striclty English speaking. Everyone’s so friendly and help you big time! Only rules we have are that you must chat and share boosts....and do your part in the ship event. No drama allowed, and personal lives kept personal. But most of all we have a laugh and help each other get through the game with spot. Who wants it????

  • SusieBeckmanSusieBeckman Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Aloha, welcome and how are you? I am a fast worker in search of some great beach club members to help me build my 1man club. I am on level 20 with a Silver Resort status. Come on over to Another Day in Paradise, and make sure to visit the Very Last City on your way!
  • jayjay3jayjay3 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    Walkabout Island is a new club seeking new active members! We like to chat, boost, help each other out. All levels accepted. English speaking, but all are welcome.
  • DanibananieDanibananie Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist
    Club beaches! Is looking for new fun active member! Level 20 and up! Just starting out would love some new friendly faces. Must be english speaking and daily player!
  • melissamemelissame Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I have started a new beach club need new members to join it's called having fun would love to get new members that play
  • ScoobychScoobych Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist

    Looking for a group that has active daily players. I’m almost at level 31. I only speak English. I play throughout the day.

  • cavaliergirlcavaliergirl Posts: 117Member Hot Spring Indulger

    fancy a change? Present club running out of active players? I have two spaces for ladies in The land of the long white cloud. Play when you can, help when you can, chat when you can. We cover many US TIME ZONES, India and UK. See you soon :)

  • nanaof3nanaof3 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I also have a new club I started. Hoping to get some fun active members and build major rules, just fun....come find me ..Loving Life
  • JetbugsJetbugs Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist

    Going Coconuts is seeking new members! We are happy and helpful English speakers from all over the globe. Adults only and no cheats or sales pitches for other things. Just about playing games!

  • Crazyirish81Crazyirish81 Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    Coastal Paradise is looking for active players that help other members with guides & etc.
  • TrusluvTrusluv Posts: 0Member Daydreamer

    I play daily and have no problem playing together with others. I recently set up my own team. I am full with buddies from my 2 or more years of dedicated play. I now need members to come aboard and be friends to my own beach club. I need daily, respectful, honest and friendly players. Let's chat and become a strong, winning team. My username is Spycegirl_05 (beach club leader).

  • jamaica_innjamaica_inn Posts: 13Member Caribbean Cruiser

    Our club currently has 4 free slots, looking for active and preferably daily players. It’s called “Fun and Fancy Free” (with a butterfly symbol), club leader is PoetsIceMan
    We are all really friendly and have a worldwide club (English speaking) with members from Australia, US, Canada and Europe so someone is always on! There are no strict rules to follow or dramas within our group.
    We help with helicopter orders, guests, boosts and are currently on the third tier of deluxe on the cruise ship. You usually only have to wait a few minutes to receive a guest.
    We all play regularly, especially during the cruise ship events and are looking for more active players. Higher level preferred, but if you are a lower level but very active we would be delighted to have you.
    Come join us! My player ID is 9Y6-10CA if you have trouble finding us.

  • JacksonsJacksons Posts: 15Member Caribbean Cruiser
    Buddies Stick together are looking for active, English speaking members. Cruise particaption, talking and respect are a must.Our average level is 43. We are a mixed group from different parts of world so there is always somebody on. European players would be a plus. If this sounds good, request to join, u won't regret it
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