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Expand silo and boathouse

DgkDgk Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

Having troubles getting items to expand silo and boathouse. They are both full. Where can I find items?

Best Answers


  • PassionPassion Posts: 213Member Souvenir Collector

    For the silo you need to find Pulleys, Nails, Ropes.
    For Boathouse you need to find Planks, Anchors, Life Rings.
    You will find these in the Sunken Temple
    When sending your guides to Coral reef, Cave, Shipwreck and so on.
    Gobal market where players are selling them.
    The odd order on Kates Board.
    Who when you buy Gems you can sometimes have deals on buying them.

    "Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

  • heilenaheilena Posts: 100Member Hot Spring Indulger

    Aside from what others have said, if you are in a club, different club members tend to accumulate different items. Find out who gets what and make that the first place you buy and sell. For instance I never get pulleys and tend to accumulate nails and my rope is at a normal rate so I trade off my nails to club members for pulleys.

  • DgkDgk Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    Ok thanks everyone, I will give those all a try. Stay tuned...

  • DgkDgk Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    No luck so far. It shouldn't be this hard.

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