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add at least 20 to 30 club members PLS!!!

apsyappleapsyapple Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
pls if it's not a hassle, i am requesting that you allow to add more than 20 club members so we could at least invite our other friends to join our group or club. pls make it 30 person in a group. i am begging you! pls.. hear me out! thank youp


  • smurphandturfsmurphandturf Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    I agree 100%! I was a very active helpful club leader for a year. We’ve recently added several new members. They removed players that haven’t played in over one month. However I was removed from my club without reason or warning yesterday. I play several hours everyday. Had no issues or disagreements with anyone. They’ve tried to add me back. As soon as I’m added. It says removed. I’ve contacted Zynga. With no answer. It was right after a Zynga update.

  • pattyvorndranpattyvorndran Posts: 37Member Beachcomber
    Smurphandrurf,maybe one of the moderators are removing you accidentally or on purpose.Hope it gets fixed for you!
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