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Facebook profile pic??

RobinM918RobinM918 Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins

Does anyone know what happened to being able to use your Facebook profile pic? That used to be an option for me, but after the latest updates I can't..Nor can I see anyone else's Facebook profile pics..I'm connected to Facebook & have even tried connecting through Google Play..I can see the Zynga pics, but everyone else comes up as a faceless silhouette..Very frustrating when so many pics are the same & you can't tell who's who..


  • sljones525sljones525 Posts: 4Member Tropical Tourist

    When I first open the game, I only see zynga profiles. After I play for a few minutes then the FB pics start to show up. I think it's just because the game requires SO much RAM on my phone, it takes a while for everything to populate.

  • RobinM918RobinM918 Posts: 34Member Dances with Dolphins

    Thx for the reply..I play anywhere from 1-4 hours at a time and still nothing..Not sure what's going on anymore.. :/

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