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The Market and Selling only to Beach Club members.

BhanLiz517BhanLiz517 Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser

In FarmVille 2, you can mark items to sell that are just for your Co-op. Yet, you can’t do that here. It’s frustrating because I can need an item a member of my Beach Club has, and she or he will post it, and before I can see that it’s there, it’s been purchased by someone in the Global Market. Why not give us a feature so we can mark an item so that only our Beach Club members can buy it?


  • BelindaPBelindaP Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
    edited April 2018
    Please Zynga!!!! Just want to help each other. Isn't that what you all want us to do also?
  • TkikiTkiki Member Posts: 1,337 Monkey Temple Trekker

    I think that this is a need, but I do understand that this would probably get more cloning and cheating going.

  • toshhtoshh Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    So...what has happened with this? It is still a savage market out there. With the competition level rising, it would be nice to have more options between our club members!
  • BadgerBadger Member Posts: 32 Dances with Dolphins

    Myself and members in my club are quite frustrated about not being able to sell to club members only. As I see it, the only benefit of being in a club is the ability to use boosts. This somehow does not seem right to me. Your team has supposedly been working on this issue for at least 1 year, so what is the problem, why is this even still an issue. Please resolve this problem.

  • MarleneMarlene Member Posts: 10 Caribbean Cruiser

    Please listen to our concerns about the difficulty selling to our club members. The way that it is at the moment is so annoying and frustrating that it spoils this great game for everyone.
    Please please add a club only feature for selling

  • DarlomDarlom Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist
    Después de la última actualización, cada vez que intentas vender un artículo a un compañero del club, el juego automáticamente te lo compra en el transcurso de "1 segundo" y la personaque compra es un administrador del juego, porque es un avatar que nadie lo tiene, asi que digan que esun comprador, porque como dije nadie tiene ese avatar, y en mi otra cuenta también es el mismo avatar mañana, tarde y noche asi que lleguéa la conclusión que es un error del juego que automáticamente te compra algo que pones cuando realmente lo quieres dar a alguien de tu club, esto antes no sucedía, hace 1 mes que está así, porfavor solucionenlo de inmediato, gracias.
  • heilenaheilena Member Posts: 190 Mermaid's Scale Polisher

    Is it possible to use teh 3 minute refresh period to accomplish this? Specifically, for 3 minutes items place on the trade boat are available only to club members, not buddies cuz half of these people are just hackers buddying up so they can just **** items for their unlimited capacity.

    Can this be done?

  • pattyvorndranpattyvorndran Member Posts: 60 Sandy Toes
    I would love a club exclusive slot too.Some items are very valuable and hard to make and I will sacrafice for my club,but it hirts so bad when we post and global gets it.
  • VauksiVauksi Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    Hey, this is still an issue! Please do something about it. Beach Club is almost useless without that feature. :'(

  • cowboytrickscowboytricks Member Posts: 130 Starfish

    Sorry to be a stick in the mud.. our club dose a lot of transferring between ourselves normal for one coin per item... sometimes someone else gets that rare item or something that’s taken hours to make if it’s you ... Well Done for being quick :) hope you enjoy it and feel lucky hehehe :):):) because sometimes it’s me getting yours.
    Win some loose some.. it’s all part of this great game..

  • barkingturtlebarkingturtle Member Posts: 15 Wave Watcher

    I used to think that a club trade option would be great, but have since changed opinion on the matter. It would give the cheater clubs another advantage. I've found that not all in the people in those clubs are the cheats with the cheat codes to get whatever they want when they want it, but only a few...they cheat up cruise items and sell them to their club members... Leaving it an open market allows us to gain by being able to purchase what they cheated up and helps us get a little leg up on trying to keep up with them on the cruise visitors. open trade gets my vote until they weed out the cheaters.

  • GrannyGoatGrannyGoat Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

    And here it is 2921, and still no beach club only sales option. Will we ever have a game we can play with each other?

  • JacarandaBlueJacarandaBlue Member Posts: 6 Beach Bum

    Please, please, please! The game is in serious need of a club-only market. Our Beach Club gives extra assistance to new and lower-level members by selling needed items at a reduced price but we are no longer able to do so as almost everything put up for sale in the Buddies and Club Market gets snatched away immediately by some stranger (or even by so-called "Buddies"). Now we very rarely even attempt to sell items to other members due to repeated disappointment when sales fail. :/ This seems to me to go against what the game is trying to foster - helping and sharing amongst friends and Beach Club members. Please make the establishment of a Club-only market a developer priority. Thanks.

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