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Has anyone Gotten A Response ?

exspoonbenderexspoonbender Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
Im have the same various problems and for a week now the only response i got was "delete the visitors with the items you dont have. ."


  • RuazinhaRuazinha Posts: 28Member Coconut Collector

    Just a glitch in the game...happens....just log out of FB and Google within the game, reboot your device...usually works....good luck

  • exspoonbenderexspoonbender Posts: 2Member Tropical Tourist
    edited August 2018
    My Game so Glitchy Are You Working On An Upgrade. . ive been playing this game and cant connect to my original one under **[email deleted by Mod: Privacy]** ! But this is ridiculous.
  • Lieutenant_ColumboLieutenant_Columbo Posts: 87Member Sun-lovin' Surfer
    edited August 2018

    What do you mean 2010? You mean 2018?
    The game is can be erratic at times, if it occurs, you need to force stop the game, Go to "Settings" in your device, if it is android, Settings---> Device---> Application Manager--->Clear Cache--->Force Stop it always worked in my case, especially after clearing cache.

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  • CleverKCleverK Posts: 11Member Beach Bum

    Responses from Zynga seem to be far and few in between.. A few of My Club Members have contacted Them about issues with No Response.. granted, They did, surprisingly, help A Member recover Their account after a Phone was stolen but I'm seeing a lot of No Responses.. Had a few Club Friends that didn't receive rewards from that Monkey Event.. Zynga said to not email a Them about it.. How gracious of Them..? Lol

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  • beth_wilkinsbeth_wilkins Posts: 195Member Mermaid's Scale Polisher

    I’ve contacted them about the Daily task reset 2x now. Very quick respons and solution! I as shocked lol

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