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Social Boost Bottles Drop Rates

Princess in PinkPrincess in Pink Posts: 1,159Community Moderator Community Moderator

Boost Bottle Items

List of Common Boosts

Dolphin WRR
Chicken WRR
Boar WRR
Tiki Bar WRR
Sushi Stand WRR
Grill WRR
Artisan Workshop WRR
Mill WRR
Dolphin XP
Chicken XP
Boar XP
Lobster XP
Sea Lion XP
Chameleon XP
Pineapple Crop XP
Rice Crop XP
Orchid Crop XP
Sugarcane Crop XP
Tapioca Crop XP
Cotton Crop XP
Bamboo Crop XP
Passionfruit Crop XP
Ginger Crop XP
Pepper Crop XP
Coconut Tree XP
Mango Tree XP
Lime Tree XP
Cocoa Tree XP
Rubber Tree XP
Avocado Tree XP
Banana Tree XP
Macadamia Tree XP
Tiki Bar XP
Sushi Stand XP
Grill XP
Artisan Workshop XP
Mill XP
Beachfront Kitchen XP
Bakery XP
Kiln XP
Jeweler XP
Costume Shop XP
Smithy XP
Lookout XP
Ocean Shop XP
Glassblower XP
Sweet Shop XP
Paint Shop XP
Mask Shop XP
Soup Kitchen XP
Music Shop XP
Surf Shop XP

List of Uncommon Boosts

Dolphin Timer
Chicken Timer
Boar Timer
Tiki Bar Timer
Sushi Stand Timer
Grill Timer
Mill Timer
Lobster WRR
Sea Lion WRR
Chameleon WRR
Pineapple Crop WRR
Rice Crop WRR
Orchid Crop WRR
Sugarcane Crop WRR
Tapioca Crop WRR
Cotton Crop WRR
Bamboo Crop WRR
Passionfruit Crop WRR
Ginger Crop WRR
Pepper Crop WRR
Coconut Tree WRR
Mango Tree WRR
Lime Tree WRR
Cocoa Tree WRR
Rubber Tree WRR
Avocado Tree WRR
Banana Tree WRR
Macadamia Tree WRR
Beachfront Kitchen WRR
Bakery WRR
Kiln WRR
Jeweler WRR
Costume Shop WRR
Smithy WRR
Lookout WRR
Ocean Shop WRR
Glassblower WRR
Sweet Shop WRR
Paint Shop WRR
Mask Shop WRR
Soup Kitchen WRR
Music Shop WRR
Surf Shop WRR

List of Rare Boosts

Lobster Timer
Sea Lion Timer
Chameleon Timer
Artisan Workshop Timer
Beachfront Kitchen Timer
Bakery Timer
Kiln Timer
Costume Shop Timer
Lookout Timer
Ocean Shop Timer
Sweet Shop Timer
Paint Shop Timer
Soup Kitchen Timer
Music Shop Timer
Surf Shop Timer
Orchid Crop Timer
Sugarcane Crop Timer
Tapioca Crop Timer
Cotton Crop Timer
Bamboo Crop Timer
Passionfruit Crop Timer
Ginger Crop Timer
Pepper Crop Timer
Coconut Tree Timer
Mango Tree Timer
Lime Tree Timer
Cocoa Tree Timer
Rubber Tree Timer
Avocado Tree Timer
Banana Tree Timer
Macadamia Tree Timer

List of Ultra Rare Boosts

All Crops Timer
All Trees Timer
All Animals Timer
All Workshops Timer
All Crops WRR
All Trees WRR
All Animals WRR
All Workshops WRR
All Crops XP
All Trees XP
All Animals XP
All Workshops XP
Jeweler Timer
Smithy Timer
Glassblower Timer
Mask Shop Timer

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