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Global 2X boost in Tournament

kochkabanakochkabana Member Posts: 29 Coconut Collector

For the past two weeks I’ve checked the number one in my TRT and they have an unusual boost. In their 2X slot it just shows a couple of yellow stars with a purple 2x badge on it. I’ve NEVER seen that in the slot machine rotation. I play quite but - i’m level 58 on day 486 of my streak.

I’m assuming this boost means they have a 2x for all of their crafting points for the whole tournament. My understanding was that this new boost system was supposed to be fairer than the old one where they could stock up and buy the 30 min 2x crafting boost over and over. That and the new system encourages a lot more club interaction and cooperation. But whatever this 2x boost is, it’s even worse than the original and it lasts for DAYS.

I understand that there are a LOT of cheaters. People are still cloning but i wouldn’t think that would directly help your crafting point total (i could be wrong, haven’t thought it through enough to see a way it would). I’m assuming a lot of the crazy point totals come from some sort of hack. And frankly, they are reflecting numbers that are actually impossible. That should be easy enough to weed out - that or Zynga could just FIX the glitch they are using.

But this global 2x boost is a different thing. How do they get it? Is it a purchased item? It has a unique graphic that looks real which leads me to believe that it is an actual game item. I’ve never seen anyone with it other than these two 1st place players. I’d just like to know why there seem to always be items that are being trickled out to give some people advantages.

I haven’t tried all that hard to rank up in tournament - largely because it seems pointless. Like i said, i have a 486 day streak and i only have the last temple dive and the 5K guest achievements left. I may get the temple dive one in a couple of months, but i figured out the guest one would tke me approx 4.5 years. So, with no story line, new areas always “coming soon, rampant cheating in TRT, and a play structure that seems to give some people advantages or special boosts, i must say that FTE is losing a lot of its charm. My beach club is full of great people but it’s sad when we spend a couple of days a week commiserating over the general crapiness of the tournament.


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