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Attention! Cloners still cloning!

SunkissesSunkisses Posts: 51Member Pineapple Purist
On 3/14/18, Zynga stated cloning would not be tolerated because it was against Rules and Regulations, and Community Standards. The past two tournaments, I've been placed in tournaments with the big time cloners that are 7-10 levels above me, and I'm sick! I reported both weeks and nothing was done. I am beyond frustrated and discouraged. I'm not in a beach club so I don't have help.I've worked very hard to get where I am, Level 41, and don't think it's fair I should have to quit because Zynga won't own up to what they stated. Any and all suggestions welcome. Please help me! I have never been in a beach club, and know nothing about how they work, but am a daily player with a 14 week Diamond status.


  • McdumplinMcdumplin Posts: 1Member Tropical Tourist
    I got demoted in last tourney cause top 3 all had over 4 million pts and were 40 levels higher than me. You can't even compete with that
  • kochkabanakochkabana Posts: 29Member Coconut Collector

    I’m seeing another thing and will post a separate discussion about it - for the past two weeks I’ve checked the number one in my TRT and they have an unusual boost. In their 2X slot it just shows a couple of yellow stars with a purple 2x badge on it. I’ve NEVER seen that in the slot machine rotation. I’m assuming it means they have a 2x for all of their crafting points. My u nderstanding was that this boost system was supposed to be fairer than the old one where they could stock up and buy the 30 min 2x crafting boost. But whatever this 2x boost is, it’s even worse than the original and it lasts for DAYS.

  • JulieSJulieS Posts: 102Member Hot Spring Indulger
    @kochkabana I had the option of buying that boost a couple of weeks ago but it cost £9 and there was NO WAY I was gonna pay that much just to have a shot at winning one tournament. I spend that amount once a month and that's turning out to be expensive, I have spent over £150 on this game over the past 18 month, I can't bring myself to stop playing now because I'd feel like I wasted all that money.
  • DragonHoldDragonHold Posts: 17Member Wave Watcher

    To be in this weeks bottom 3 you needed 100k points

  • SunkissesSunkisses Posts: 51Member Pineapple Purist
    That's about the same for my tournament. I'm working my rear off to stay above the demotion line. I don't know why. When I hear things like special offers for some but not for all.
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