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Pop up offers for double crafting points.

TropclstormTropclstorm Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

I got an offer for 2x crafting points for 12 hrs. It appears others in my club didn’t get this. Is this something that is just being sent out to certain people or locations? My club has people in the US, Canada and the UK. It just seems that for those that do take the offer they will end up with an unfair advantage. Has anyone else gotten this?


  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,750 Lava Lounger

    I saw the pop up but I am not paying $9.99 for it.

  • tilabellatilabella Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    I saw it..thought the samething..those that can't afford it.. has a disadvantage for sure..and plus 6.99 for mine..I'm not paying either
  • TropclstormTropclstorm Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist

    I am not either. Mine came up 6.99. Obviously it isn’t being sent to everyone.

  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,750 Lava Lounger
    Just looked again and mine is $9.99 for 12 hours of 2X crafting points.
  • heilenaheilena Member Posts: 190 Mermaid's Scale Polisher
    I have purchased boosts on a regular basis and am insulted that this popped up for me at 9.99 while being made available to others at 6.99.

    But the reality is, I am always in a tournament where I have no chance of winning so why would would I buy anything?
  • PassionPassion Member Posts: 236 Souvenir Collector

    Well that's intresting as mine was £5.99
    Not that I'm buying, a while ago I probably would of done but now,
    No way.


  • WittWitt Member Posts: 4 Tropical Tourist
    Only part of my club received, we aren't using.
  • caryltcarylt Member Posts: 108 Hot Spring Indulger
    I bought yesterday and still getting 2x seems unfair ish but am enjoying being at top of diamond level for the first time in forever (. 18 weeks)don't care if I get extra chicken but would love huge chest and boost bottle.. lol it may not be all it seems but will hopefully find out...
  • fran010614fran010614 Member Posts: 57 Pineapple Purist
    $9.99 for 12 hours... if it's like Shelly, you can only use it every 2 hours. so, you get to use it 6 times? Either way, it's not worth it! Try again, Zynga...
  • Miako557Miako557 Member Posts: 1 Tropical Tourist

    I tried offer, just because I try everything once. double points was ok, but not enough to promote, so not using again.

  • magical30magical30 Member Posts: 48 Bungalow Guest
    well I'm glad you all have been offered - I havent heard of this nor do I believe anyone in my club has as I kow they would ask me about it. Doesn't sound fair in difference of $, also, other clubs havent been offered.
  • KimberlyS_1975KimberlyS_1975 Member Posts: 39 Beachcomber

    I remember this. I wasn’t offered this and I do spend money on the game but it’s my only form of entertainment, lol. They lost out on my $10. This is totally unfair and no one in my club bought the offer.

  • jayjay3jayjay3 Member Posts: 3 Tropical Tourist
    Never had it pop up for me but have seen people have for the entire tournament. This week's tournament just started and the top 4 have this x2 crafting star boost and the person below has it too.....hmmmmm
  • beth_wilkinsbeth_wilkins Member Posts: 207 Souvenir Collector
    edited August 2018

    I get the offer at 9.99. I guess cause I buy gems, etc regularly? Way to go sticking it to the loyal customers :/ I bought it once and barely made a difference. It’s hard to make good use of it unless you don’t work or sleep. If it were offered at a better price and on the weekend I might, might mind you, do it again. Need all the help I can get in the tournament.

  • phamtonphamton Member Posts: 1,750 Lava Lounger
    edited August 2018

    Three different tales of the double bonus points in my club:

    1) One person paid for it and the star showed that she was getting double bonus but the crafting points were never doubled. She contacted support and was told to send a screenshot but by the time they responded to her, the star was gone since it had already been there for 12 hours.

    2) Another person in my club bought it at the same time and has now had it for over 24 hours and it is still giving her double points.

    3) And then there is me. I never received the offer so never had a chance to buy it or even consider buying it. I am in next to last place in tournament (14th) with 78,000 points. I will most likely be demoted again this week even though I will probably have around 100,000 points when the tournament ends. Most of my teammates in my club usually end the tournament with around 40,000 and are always in the top 3 positions.

    Yeah, I think I am about over this tournament stuff. It is not fun at all to me and just adds stress to the game.

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