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Does anyone know how to get the lizard rather than the crab at the beach habitat?

Paradisefound1Paradisefound1 Posts: 3Member Tropical Tourist

I have had the hermit crab show up 5 times in a row, I need the lizzard instead


  • PassionPassion Posts: 216Member Souvenir Collector
    edited February 2018


    Pain in the head isn't it.
    I've found if you get the crab instead of feeding another silver straight away go and play on your island for a little while then go back to it if not and that doesn't work, force close your game and try that way.
    If still getting crab then I would email with your player ID and find out why you are only getting the crab as that is unfair.
    It used to be that I couldn't get the crab.

    Good luck hope you get the lizard soon :)
    As well as before the time ends on your wildlife.

    Please less PEPPERS on gobal market lol!
    "Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

  • phamtonphamton Posts: 1,192Member Moko's Best Friend

    I get the crab whenever the seagull is flying around or is on the beach. I get the lizard when the turtle is swimming toward the shore. Doesn't work 100% but does work most of the time. So wait until the seagull is gone and the turtle is swimming toward shore or is on the shore.

  • PassionPassion Posts: 216Member Souvenir Collector


    Intresting will try that myself now :)

    Please less PEPPERS on gobal market lol!
    "Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best."

  • Debi_J8Debi_J8 Posts: 6Member Beach Bum
    Interesting. How about the the other habitats?
  • lutzygirl71lutzygirl71 Posts: 5Member Beach Bum

    I'm pretty sure they have it set so that you only get the animal you need when using your last silver sand dollar (this happens to me about 95% of the time). Doesn't work this way with any other dollars, just silver. This is the game's way of making you play more. :(

  • BreezysBreezys Posts: 17Member Wave Watcher
    I have trained myself to stop doing the habitats unless i need a certain item (like vines or feathers). Save your sand dollars and spend them on extra trees and animals. The trees and animals can be boosted during the tournament to help you win that. There are so many complaints about silver dollars and how rare they are...until the game drops more of them, i wont use them and am instead saving towards another boar.
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