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  • Just removed three players that haven't been active for the past month so HickoryGrove has three openings available.We just recently had 6 new members join our co-op we haven't missed a single week since I started up this co-op and we usually hit the extra 50 favors.
  • New week just beginning we have 6 openings that are still vacant if anyone is looking for a co-op to join.We also have a Facebook group named HickoryGrove where we can chat a lot easier than the message board provided by the co-op board.
  • Hickory Grove has several openings available we are currently working on 112 towns served with 17 active players
  • HickoryGrove has several openings
  • Yeah just getting a white screen when trying Zynga this is driving players away.Been having more trouble recruiting new members to my co-op.If this persists may need to rethink if it's worth playing anymore just tired off all the glitches this game has had.
  • https://zyngagames.com/play/farmville-two/?&src=zdc&aff=game_page&crt=play_button&cam=118 This is the new link to get onto Zynga to play FV2 like others I couldn't get on with the link I bookmarked.Took me awhile to find this link to get back into the game.
  • Yes we have 5 openings available as of right now
  • Are you reaching the co-op goal before you've finished the shared orders this is the only thing I'm wondering unless you have a glitch.If so I would contact support if not then you need to get a strategy going with your co-op to work on the shared orders before you complete the co-op goal orders.This past week we got 45…
  • HickoryGrove has two openings available very active co-op that has been able to get the extra 50 favors through the shared orders.We also have a Facebook group dedicated to the co-op dubbed HickoryGrove we're at 27 towns had to start over but have not missed one goal since starting over. Co-op name-HickoryGrove…
  • My co-op has three openings as of right now we're on our 15th town and have met every challenge thus far.If you're looking for a great co-op that is laid back this is the co-op for you.All we ask is that you do the minimum order of 15 anymore is a bonus for you. We also have the shared orders and generally get between…
  • Had the same glitches as everyone else but it finally cleared up hopefully this National Fair will be a lot better than the State Fair with some decent prizes.
  • I gave up on all quests rather concentrate on the co-op and shared orders if a quest comes along that is not to difficult might give it a go.But can see myself spending all my resources on quests when to me helping my co-op members out is more important.
  • You can only be in one co-op at a time to give your co-op a shot at adding more people give a brief description of your co-op name,logo of your co-op and the motto description.Also besides advertising here be proactive and search out farmville 2 groups on Facebook and adveritise your group there as well.It's what I have…
  • Yes know that feeling been in several co-ops last one owner had quit we were able to get about 30 more towns before we had to abandon that co-op started my own. Also here's the link to our group on Facebook another way besides the co-op building to keep in touch with each other. https://facebook.com/groups/329045920867838/
  • HickoryGrove is a new co-op we have served 9 towns without missing a goal.Currently we have 20 members at various levels if you want a calm and easy going co-op come join us.All we ask is that you do a minimum of 15 orders we usually wrap the co-op by Sun/Mon. We also have a Facebook page dedicated to our group where it's…