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  • Thank you for your reply , after i typed my question and went back on my game , had over 600 million haha , cant keep up with cheaters lol

  • yes i was spending a lot of money Buying bundles of shovels and instagrow , but what this week has taught me for 3 bags of kindling and a baby bottle bundle not worth it , i will prob give up again soon, takes up to much of my time , as i can pl…

  • i had a search of cheaters lol wow so many posts , i left in 2015 because of it , and came back may 2019 and never saw any till this week , what i find unfair aswell as the other players in my wagon are levels 210/152 and the leauge below , as me…

  • thank you :) ill maybe leave off reporting as it maybe a glitch and wouldnt want them to lose there farm , just curious as i thought th…

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    i get it to work on firefox on my imac , but not on google chrome. and on my new macbook air with apple sillicon i have to use the older version of firefox as it wont work for me with the new updated one in No launcher for MAC yet Comment by susan37 December 2020

  • i have launcher for my imac on big sur , doesnt work on google chrome yet ,i had to download firefox to get it working , but its working great just now (fingers crossed)

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    yes i guess thats all we can do. atelast it showing up on mac now , before there was nothing so you are right going in the correct direction ,

  • thank you , i use macbook air 2020 with apple m1 and i have big sur so proberly the problem , hopefully be a fix soon , was so excited to see the launcer on mac os lol

  • Hi , thought id chime in , I emailed my vip helper , just asked when will mac get launcher as i dont want to spend any more money if i cant play, got a reply from her saying we should have a mac solution as early as the end of the week , to keep …

  • Same happened to me logged out then back in and all my farm bucks missing , but i have did a dispute through PayPal as only way to contact them that I found ,
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    thanks . i know i bnever bought anything as i have been caught out before with that . and had purchased anything that i need as i have my 40 animals and didnt need trees or water or stuff . ive went to paypal for a dispute . even i…
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    thank you . what a **** rip off zynga!!!
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    the same thing happned to me lost everything i had won for comming in first .
  • yeah its so annoying . after winning it . argg