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  • I like mastering crops as it is kind of a personal goal, but as others have pointed out, the mastery signs need to go! We can see the information when we plant. Also, the mastery helps with the Mastery (Red) Barn, supposedly, and since I spent so many favors to get and upgrade the darn thing, then I want to be able to make…
  • Mine is not applying the bonus that we use the ragworms to activate. It was at first but now it is not. Ugh! I reported it under the other thread in the Bug Section too. Wonder if they will fix it before the thing is gone? Not holding my breath.
  • Has anyone noticed that the Ragworm boosts are NOT being applied? This is the third round that I know for sure that they have not been. I always keep mine up to date and "yellow" so that the bonus is applied. I thought the first time, maybe I wasn't paying attention. The second time I made a note of it, and now the third…
  • My Bonus was just like Suzy's...when it FINALLY showed up it had all xxxxxxx then disappeared.
  • As long as I can plant in them then I don't care. In fact it helps. But somehow I don't think they will let this last and then the issue is whether they will get it correct when they try to "fix" it.
  • I do not know if this is it or not, but this crossed my mind...if you play on both Facebook and zynga perhaps they do as well. My name in Facebook is nowhere near the same as the name I use on zynga. Maybe either you are switching platforms or they are when playing, so you are seeing different names??? Also, if they are…
  • tra la la...la...la..la
  • My kiln is not giving double XP either. I have checked it on basic items, high xp items, cleared cache and reloaded, etc. It is just not working correctly. Ugh!
  • Mine was one of those and now suddenly is not working. I reported it long ago when the issue first started. With this change it affects me quite a bit. Since I have to get 36,000,000 xp to level up, I rely on my kiln. Now I will be slowed down even more.
  • Does it go into Double XP time? I just posted in the bug section that my kiln is not working correctly. I haven't had this issue in a very very long time.
  • I hate the post all...especially on Tuesday as Mira noted in makes things go through too fast and pushes what people really do need off the feed. But, I will go through and pick several items and post them, just not the entire 40 something items. Also, I never click on post all posts, because it makes it look like they are…
  • I get 150 favors once I get the first 15 of my personal Order Board complete (plus whatever each of the orders was worth. When our Co-op works on Shared Orders, if my picture is on one then I will get 5 favors for it, plus when all of the Shared Orders are complete AND we reach the weekly goal, I get an additional 290…
  • When you open the stand to get to the Order Board. At the beginning of the new board on Friday, it goes through all of its pop-ups to get the week started. You get the Order Board opened, the pop-up that says it is a new week, and the pop-up that says who was in First place,etc. After you close the Leaderboard, the "Post…
  • Ok here is what I have noticed for when my OB total is off, and NOT associated with any of the shared orders... Sometimes there are multiple windows open for the Order Board. If I complete an order while more than 1 window is open, then it will count for each open window. This happens the most for me when the new Order…
  • Here is what I would do for those still working on the Portrait Restoration. Assuming that you have missed the timed portion for the final 2 sections on one, calculate how many of each of the crops used to upgrade buckets (and maybe even some of the color drop rates). Remember that there are 5 buckets that need 6 upgrades.…
  • I will agree with Colleen, when you are visiting, hit the highest level tree that the person has out. Especially player who are over level 160-ish but especially those over level 200. Most will have the up front and even marked as Hi XP. It is not the fair points that you get, it is when you visit the first 8 people and…
  • Set up a rotation for watering, and then plan to visit people and click sprinklers. I also did a boat load of water crops so that I would have them for later and for XP. Good luck!
  • I assume you mean groves?? You can only have 45 groves on your farm. If you were a player from prior to the favor system coming out then you may have built more than the 45 so some players do have more, but new players cannot. There is a graduated rate at which they become available as well. For instance, at one point you…
  • They are starting a new event soon involving the songbird tree. It is in early release for FV$ right now.
  • Animal tokens come mainly from raising animals. You will get some from speed feeding, but mainly from raising. I have found that I watch carefully when I get those gold tokens and get to redeem one where you get 2x animal tokens for 2 hours. I then go on a spree and raise as many animals as I can to build them up. I grow…