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  • Zynga is not going to tell you but what they did. The instabloom probably had to be used when got it not when you desired so probably why expired
  • Most likely downloading launcher causing issues. I do not think you click on that app or such for it. Had launcher but uninstalled it. I know a few have gotten something like this when were downloading. But most likely launcher causing issues
  • I get prompted in leveling up that can get another field but I remember some farms seeing like double that when used to visit neighbors and other things. But not building out my farm so just have what I have
  • Zynga will debate with you in private maybe. Since you sound so confident game not going away. Be miracle if stays as is. But Z will not debate in forum. Just play on maybe they have new game for you soon if go talk to them
  • This is not a change just a glitch you have. Log out clear cache and log back in or refresh page should clear it up.
  • If you search the forum on the fair you will find that it does happen that if you make the fair more about competing with cheaters which some are or ones that are truly up there. There is nothing that can be done except lose, stop buying shovels or using any you do get as prizes. Doing this will at least possibly drop you…
  • This happens from time to time. Switch to a different language. Log out clear cache and log back in and go back to your language refresh page and should be back on your language
  • It is a memory hog and not a lot can do. Flash is going away and game may as well too. We just do not know. Cannot do a lot on the pop ups just close if can.You do not have to do the missions that is up to you. You do not need all those crop signs on farm either when ribbon up with them mine are in my inventory. I try not…
  • You need to use the search option in right corner and look up game loading issues or white screen or launcher and read those threads and troubleshoot till find a solution so can play game. Starting over would do no good at this point as game could be going away as flash will be no more and you will be inundated with a lot…
  • Search the forum on game loading issues.
  • Try refreshing page if have been in game or log out clear cache and log back in
  • Yes the tower refills every 4 hours. Need to log out clear cache and log back in. Do not know if the launcher if downloaded that could be affecting it. But even with upgrading timer does not change. There have been glitches with timers so just have to find a way around them too as we have said refreshing page, clearing…
  • I do not have these numbers maybe high up level wise am sure these are up there.
  • You have to collect it from the feed. You apparently have the Prized barn so that rendered all other animal storage buildings as decoration now so store them. Also read the other threads on golden fleece
  • Give a few days and try again. Make sure using email address associated with your account Normally would get the automated response. But an actual response could depend on your issue you need help with or something else.we cannot control responses from support. With game status up in air as well. And losing 540 water. I…
  • You cannot remove neighbors now without assistance from zynga. Cheaters if do have all those towers and more do not know for sure if truly remove these days. A lot lately been getting responses Z is too busy to help. Maybe a sign game is soon on way out because flash is going away But in your case Z is only ones can take…
  • Did you use the link to contact support in post before yours. If you used your email that you use with your account you at least should have gotten an automated response. Saying thank you for your inquiry we will get back with you etc. They do not answer snap like that either on issues. What was your issue you contacted…
  • Contact them and send this screen shot.