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  • I am looking for a new Co-op. Does yours have a dog on the flag? I can't get anyone in my current co-op to accept my neighbor request. I would love to be able to go to all of the farms in my co-op, help them out and help myself at the same time.
  • I looked up your Co-op, but there are two coming up. One has a cow and the other has a flag. The one I am part of now will not accept my neighbor request. I want to be able to go to each others farm and help out. I am retired and I play 3 and 4 times a day. Please respond....I would love to be part of active Co-op that…
  • I finished building just now and when it told me to check the journal the arrow just throbs but I can't open it. It just froze, I couldn't close it. I ended up just reloading the entire game.
  • I have the same problem. It will use the correct amount of power but I don't get anything. I end up having to wait the 4 hours for my windmill to regenerate. Makes me so mad usually happens on a day where everything else is going good. Zynga please fix this.
  • Rose1974 have you gotten anyone to join? I wonder if all are closed until they take that stupid Sports Festival away. And by the way, I search for your Co-op there are so many named Happy Farm. What is your slogan/motto? Is the icon for you here the same as the Co-op? I would be willing, I am in desperate need of finding a…
  • I need members that will play the game daily. I only have 4 people including myself. This silly Sports festival is blocking me, can't remove anyone. Also, want members that will accept neighbor requests so we all can help each other. Co-op name: Farmers Motto: United we work, united we win Current members: Nancy, Janina,…
  • I absolutely hate it. My Co-op is down to just 4 people and only myself and 2 more are contributing. We can't make anything without help. This is one of the silliest things that I have seen done with this game.
  • I have seen all of the posts in the feed. I have not gotten anything for my farm.
  • I hope that FV2 lasts a long time. I know it has been over 9 yrs but I love it now that I play on Zynga. From what I have seen of the commercials for FV3 it looks so childish. I play Harry Potter Spells & Puzzles and the when you need extra moves the FV3 ad plays all the time. I only play FV2 on my desk top. I agree with…
  • I am the owner of the Co-op and all I get is this screen. I want to delete those members that do not contribute weekly. What can I do?
  • I can't get Farmville 2 to even install now. I have AVG free antivirus and several times a few months ago it started to put the file in quarantine saying it had a threat. I have uninstalled the program. I finally got it to install and played happily for months. Now all of a sudden same problem, but now it is saying I don't…