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  • Shakespam_123 thanks for the info. I deleted each install of Launcher after they didn't work, support said my computers RAM is fine, plus they had me change some settings to optimize it for the game. Last time I tried installing they said to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it, which didn't work either. So I took the…
    in Launcher Comment by judyphood January 20
  • Nige1875 thanks for the info. The notification i get is a black box with FV2 no other graphics. I play on Edge browser. Since I have never clicked on it, there shouldn't be anything in my inventory. So I'll check email junk, although Zynga and Facebook are allowed. Meantime rather than take a chance, I'll wait for someone…
  • I just recently started seeing this popup Howdy farmer get ( it started by offering 5 water) I didn't know if it was from Zynga or if it is a scam, so I haven't clicked on it and now today it is offering 15 water. So I am thinking it is some kind of scam. I asked my Farmville2 VIP person if it was for real, and no one has…
  • lol On my PC, I have never gotten Launcher to work. Always got the blasted white screen and farm noises. I have downloaded it 25 times and have gotten a list of techs names as long as my hand and even they didn't have a fix. So I tried downloading it on my husbands older and slower computer and it loaded just fine. About a…
    in Launcher Comment by judyphood January 20
  • Enterprise co op still needing new members. We make goal nearly every week but it would be easier if there were more members helping. Please join us!
  • Daddysgirl491 Thank you for the info. Yes, I was annoyed. lol
  • I made some. It was for a quest and when the quest ended, the recipe went away.
  • I have installed launcher+ 16 times. Everytime when it reboots, everything is there except the actual game. That area is a big blank white rectangle. Wrote support, did all they said to do and still no go. They finally told me to stop writing they are working on the problem. I am playing on Chrome does it do any better on…
  • There are 12 of us in Enterprise Co-op. (Not the Star Trek Enterprise. lol) We have been making our goal up until recently three of our farmers stopped playing. Could use your help if you like friendly farmers that like to help eachother.
  • I have downloaded and installed this feature 4 times. Never once has it opened the game. I also get that stupid white field where the game should be. I emailed support. They told me to clear my cache, make sure Chrome is current and a couple others. All of which I had told them I already did. It didn't work then and I did…
  • I am not getting the hearts it says to accumulate I have one block of eight tasks checked off. The second block says 8 of 8 but isn't checked off and the third block of eight is locked. When I go to the "heart meter" thing is shows no hearts earned. Am I doing something wrong?
  • They had a fix. I tried it and it didn't work. I think it is caused by the yellow banner at the top that warns about flash player. My game started scrolling the day that banner appeared. I found that if I scrolled my game up just far enough to show the bottom "arrow left" button on the neighbor bar that the game stays put…
  • I got the first two rewards and several days ago, it started telling me I got enough to get the dark leopard appaloosa horse. So where is it? Why did I get the first two and not the third? I thought we came back later for the other horse and the certificate. Very confusing. And the top portion of the box was never open to…
  • The coop is called Enterprise and only about 6 of us are participating. We have finished 58 cities (i think) close to that anyway.
  • If this is Reine then you are my neighbor and should be able to join. We visit eachother.
  • I have repeatedly clicked on the rooster when he says he is ready. He doesn't do anything. The ready sign doesn't even go away until I have clicked many, many times in a row. A waste of effort. And I haven't figured out if he counts as a farm animal or is like the other "pets"
  • Must have been a glitch. Darn, I really liked it. What is the point of the bloom if there is no water to replant? lol I will remember to save it from now on. Thanks for the tip.
  • Could it be the operating system you are using? I had Vista 64 bit up until a week ago and had that problem all the time. Flash would stop working etc. I found out that the browsers no longer support Vista and I think windows 7. Since this computer is windows 10 I haven't had the problem. Or is that just a fluke? lol