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  • Can't play regular farmville 2 on Ipad but can play country escape and if Tropical Escape is still around. Is this part of your issue with your other thread on game not loading.
  • It was said to SEARCH using the search box by typing in Launcher, or Game loading issues and read those threads. Maybe can translate them But some of the basic stuff asked above. You need to provide answers so we know more of where to go. Support…
  • I hate the I passed so and so pop ups too. Must have had one person a few times yesterday when harvesting crops that were ready. As someone who is back and forth between State and County I like where I am. Not trying to outdo anyone and more. I ha…
  • Must be new to the game. Do you have tasks and more to do for points.
  • Not every issue is an issue for all. Some issues don't get much in responses. I have not used the plane to water groves. Crops yes but not the trees. Do it myself when I need trees for a quest. Other than that really don't have trees on land unless…
  • Never know if this was an order of an item with an old mission or not and just not craftable even if have all you need to. May have to skip just like with recipes.
  • It depends on what you have to craft for them. It says with the animals you choose what you have to craft for them. Could be the pie, drink, or whatever else there. Are you trying to collect tuition points. This is near the same mission we had las…
  • We are not support and we can't do that. You probably had so long to use it and more. Some of these machines you have to use right away and can't save till you want or you lose. Try support or you will have to just pass this one up
  • Yeah if you are spending money, buying shovels and/or upgrading all the time and other things just to keep up with them you are the one making it a competition. STOP making it a competition where you have to keep up with them Yes I have some that …
  • Depends on what you need to get rid of. Not everything can be removed of buildings and more. If you do not want to do a quest/build then hit cancel when weekly build/quest comes out or such. It won't place the building if it is one you place. If Z…
  • Seaway storage. Is this for Country Escape or something. Don't have seaway storage in regular Farmville 2 So may need to ask at whatever forum game you are playing. Are you playing on a tablet, or phone