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  • Michele94: Need to be more specific on your topic than just help. What mission are you working on. Check out some of those threads that relate to it perhaps around by searching. Help is too vague. In future title your posts you start more towards…
    in Help Comment by gameplayer2011 5:12PM
  • The launcher has been bugged. Many of us have it uninstalled and leaving it that way and just allowing flash. Don't feel like uninstalling and reinstalling over and over and over. Not worth it
  • It is bugged check the main thread on issue
  • I presume talking about what this thread below is about https://zyngaplayerforums.com/farmville2/discussion/3182777/puzzle-mania-problem#latest
    in Puzzle Comment by gameplayer2011 12:40AM
  • See the search button in right corner. Type in game loading issues and read the threads there. This is most common topic we answer so start searching so we don't have to repeat ourselves over and over and over. Might also search Launcher as well a…
  • Need to be cautious when getting VIP here at the game. Probably issues now as many things changing with game. Many are even dropping the VIP service. Yes you got FB's and a special animal and other stuff that we regular players did not but that is …
  • Are you trying on FB or Zynga side. I have always done paying for things on FB side. Z side never let me. But don't put things like this out there send to them directly because your account is private and should be discussed with them only. If bro…
  • Stop making the fair a competition. Lose, stop buying shovels to keep up. I am all the way down to beginning and am staying there. Fair isn't worth this as has lousy prizes
  • So far have not had many unrealistic requirements. Sometimes I do and I stop mission. But now things are just getting boring and same kind of missions over and over and over. I know in other games I played they had the quests easy to start then aft…
  • Z will do whatever they want as far as the pop ups go. Just have to be alert and cautious when ones pop up is all can do. Yes will have to refresh page to get out of some Doubt will put an X to get out of that pop up. But nice to be alert to it. …
  • Is Marie the one with this weeks quest. Could be any of the characters not just Marie. Refresh page or log out and log back in and see if appears. If in game from time to time the quest disappears and have to refresh if still working on it and the …
  • Doubt will be fixed at this point if has been happening for years. I don't see them fixing much with game with flash going in the next year and more and if anyone is even around with game. Game could go at anytime too.
  • Well did you CONTACT SUPPORT. Nothing we can do here on this.
  • WE are just players here So it could be a flash issue or such. Do you have the Launcher program or such. Could be issue with Launcher causing it if you have that. Most likely no fix.
  • I agree with Froggie I have not seen mods around either. At least ones that stand out. All the good ones are gone probably with other places or somewhere. The mods anyways that would change threads here or things like the Temporary Feed or other th…
  • What update?? You playing Regular FV2 on a PC or Country Escape on phone/tablet Power pins is confusing me and making me think you are playing FV2 Country Escape If so find their forum and ask.
  • They will be around for the next year at least or till when game decides to shut its doors I remember when things were simple to play. But I also know Zynga and how they do things as they have done with other games. If game is still going after 1 …
  • Paprikapilz If you are saying you didn't get this Holiday Village this year or in years past there is NOTHING we can do on that. We are players here only NOT support. We guided you to support to talk to them. There was no guarantee would get it as…