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  • You are not FORCED to do anything much less buy Farmbucks Your game can be played way you wish. But as mentioned above you are limited to what you will get back if anything. New players t he ask/receive looks to be off as new players can ask but t…
  • halimahton Many threads around forum on Game loading issues and Launcher Search box in upper right. Use key words and SEARCH for these threads and read up on things to look at and troubleshoot on. Some things even mentioned here.
  • That's right cannot use the Speed Grow machine with other certificates: Water etc.
  • Wish could do more. It is spotty with who gets help and who does not. Saw a few regulars here who are not. Wish knew why and some seem to get through eventually like the OP of this thread. Just since I started playing this game have seen support be…
  • I have a ton of people on Zynga side that are in my list and not my neighbor bar area that would like to drop. Many are former FB friends and people I played games with many years ago. And some are people don't even know but no way to clear that. T…
  • No issues for me. I close the Egg Hunt Table and opened my Special Delivery Mailbox as my quests weekly are in there. And did not want the build so just hit cancel and went to my inventory. That is what I do if do not want to place the build. Just…
  • Translation: Until the day before yesterday I could see my friends at Friend Activities, since yesterday only me. What's going on there?
  • With fact Zynga wants your money for their play money. Doubt will even reduce the cost. Why don't even spend on games. Have better use for the money than a game and in no hurry to get ahead or anything either. Play my game my way and has been a who…
  • No mine was in my Special Delivery Mailbox. Pretty much is there now each week.
  • Those are cheaters so you are only allowed 1 water tower, windmill, animal storage buildings or such.
  • Well if you look at the troubleshooting steps all of them in the threads and still don't work THEN you can go to support. But need to look at EVERYTHING on your end as well and even perhaps might be some solutions in there not mentioned but we look…
  • Yes they have water crops once a month I believe. I know everyone automatically thinks main crops. But can't forget those water crops
  • Yeah but do not think Z has had top customer service like would see elsewhere in the 8 plus years of game. At least the type of customer service would expect. At least not since this game came about. I have rarely needed support with this game but …
  • They run things on Pacific time zone as that is where Z is but yes the last couple of gifts have been later than 12 am pacific time. So guess waiting till 12 pm pacific time instead.
  • The weekly quests go away when done and another takes its place. If you can just hit cancel and the frame for the build will just go into your inventory at least with buildings you have to place. I think with Z placed buildings I have many on my ar…
  • When Z programmers or whomever changes anything in their games things never are the same or work again. I played other Zynga games and pretty much all gone now as they said wanted to focus on Farmville and I think parent game is gone I think and so…
  • Glad you finally got someone. That is what have to do if do not get an automated response or a week or two has gone by then try again. Perhaps another agent will pick it up. Some get good agents and others do not. Some people claim around they are…
  • why don't you tell us why you can't What is happening when you try If you have reasons above then CONTACT SUPPORT