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  • I just wish they'd add an option so we can sell pastured animals straight from the pop-up window. I could make a ton of coins from selling them, but having to move them 1 at a time to our farm first is a huge pain and takes so much time.
  • Yep, me too.
  • Same here..I'd just completed raising the peacocks to complete the tasks and the new one popped up with peacocks again, argh! It wouldn't be so annoying raising all these animals, twice in a row, if it were animals I really needed. I don't need a fa…
  • Yeah, I have cards in my inventory too and it'll be a huge bummer if they just disappear. Wish we knew because I'd hate to waste anymore resources completing the rest of the tasks I have left if the cards we'd get from them wouldn't count towards th…
  • Gosh, I really hope I've been doing it right..I think I have. I've just been completing the tasks as they're given and once I had enough cards needed - for like the A,B,C,D etc. I hit upgrade..then moved on until I finally got all the cards for each…
  • Was just about to start a thread for this same suggestion for the pasture, but thought to check for one first..it really would be nice to be able to sell straight from the pasture window..and also to have the ribbons displayed so you could tell if y…
  • I see it's not just me..top 2 tasks on mine are flashing.
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys..and yeah I think you're right, the more I look at 'em, I was thinking I could maybe save some money, but like you said.. for the price of a better one I could get a regular laptop.
  • Hey, and thanks for answering. Yes, I noticed most of the ones I had seen on sale before were just 2 to 4GBs, but when I actually started looking at the different models/brands the other day I did see there are some w/8GB too. However, since I'm ju…
  • Didn't want to make a new thread, so just bumping this old one of mine - to ask if anyone uses a Chromebook to play FV2? I understand a bit the differences between a Chromebook & 'regular' laptop, but I'm not a tech expert..I did a google search…
  • Hey thanks for the help! and yea, I agree...I don't think I'd find something w/the recommended specs cheap, and I sure don't want to pay a high price just to play FV2 lol. I don't mind a smaller screen either, and that's what I'd like to be able to …
  • This just started happening to me too - after I updated to the latest version of Flash Player. I get the message that I'm playing without graphics acceleration now, under the loading screen, but I checked and acceleration is enabled. I also posted a…
    in Smaller Page Comment by csw68 March 2018
  • I updated to the latest version of flash this evening and now at the bottom of the loading page I'm getting the message that I'm playing without graphics acceleration. I checked Firefox settings and hardware acceleration is enabled, I then went to A…