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  • I logged in OK this morning, but now, afternoon, I've got this blasted popup that won't go away.
  • Lord save us from Zynga's 'improvements! I can't play on Firefox, only Edge. My inbox has been emptied, I had 100s of bottles & water, now only a handful The bar with 'send gifts' etc doesn't show Scrolling is difficult. But at least I was able …
  • Thanks for all the replies. I've tried it with Vivaldi (chrome based) the same thing happens. I get the briefest flash of something when I click My Tasks, too fast to see what. I'm not bothered, I only looked at it because I kept clicking near that…
  • I gave up with this as I knew I couldn't finish in time. All three boxes needing post-for items with the usual problem of me being lucky to get one from each post, plus grow 150 black-eyed susan (a useless crop) & something else using 80 water. …
  • Oh what a surprise, Zynga have got it wrong, yet again! For some time I have been the owner & only member of my own co-op. Now today I am the owner of another co-op with the name & motto in Spanish for some reason only Zynga knows, with sev…
  • @daddysgirl491 I tried both ways, single bottles & all at once, it made no difference. I didn't have too much trouble on my other farm, not many permits but using the 2 x permits seemed to trigger more when raising babies, I finished that one…
  • @Country_Girl_60 I did use the 2 x Permits when raising babies hoping it would trigger more gold permits, but it didn't. I lost heart after that. I only got this far by using a 2 x reviews at the end. What with having to sell the animals I raised b…
  • A complete waste of time! Gold tokens as rare as hen's teeth - raise three babies, get one token, and the silver ones were as almost as hard to get. This is what I finished with, 535 received, 5 more needed with 7 hours to go, I did get one more off…
  • 58 Corn Salad Soups 58 Waldorf Salads At least I only have to find the ingredients for 16 Fiddlehead soups. So I need 1972 corn salads & 1332 onions,(I'm out of both) so as well as the water for that lot, I also need 666 water for the soups! And…
  • This is mine, full screen, annoying doesn't even begin to cover it! Impossible to avoid hitting one of them.
  • This happened to me last night, but I can log in this morning. Probably yet another of Zynga's 'funny turns'!
  • You are not missing anything. I've just finished & got the horse & it went straight into the 2nd round. 30 tokens needed. A Pirate Crab Ship for 10 tokens, a 15 minute Water Certificate for 20 & a Platinum Prize Shovel for 30. I'm not g…
  • Thank you @froggie, I'm on 'auto-pilot' when I plant/water/harvest and I hadn't noticed the tractor icon. I used oil, made more, than it froze and I had to refresh the game. Then I had the same problem as @Renee Beacom with the task I was workin…
  • I am so p'd off with this thing. I can't complete tasks because my inventory is full but I can't do anything with the cards to make room. I can't use the oil because the tractor won't do anything, I can't water or harvest. All the thing is fit for i…
  • Three times this morning, then I realised it only seemed to happened when I swiped to water/feed, so I tried feeding each animal and watering each field separately. This seems to work, I haven't had another WAD yet, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
  • Same here, 5 times now. Logged out, went to my other farm, fed horses there OK, logged back in, tried again to feed horses, yet another WAD. VERY annoying, especially as I've got to collect horseshoes, and feed 20 horses.
  • My grove of 4 has just changed to 4 water, much more sensible than the insane 72 water this morning!
  • So many annoying things everyday now I don't know where to start...this teeny tiny popup , (about 3 or 4 times this last week,) impossible to X out so yet again the need to refresh. And that oversized cake banner is driving me INSANE, I can't count…
  • One or two more like this would be nice, makes a change from needing 100s!