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  • Not only is there the overlap now everytime I go in I get woops a daisy and then an orange screen saying we can't seem to find the page you're looking for
  • Mine has been doing that also but when it takes me to the screen it shows me logged in so I close the reset screen click the home then play and don't reset I have sent in a ticket as well
  • still stuck in the renewal and 0nly have 1 member helping for weeks now so many issues now game is getting annoying submit tickets at least once a week
  • Mine worked the first day than not for 2 days sent in a ticket after reading this post got a response please be patient we are working on it and please send a picture, how do you take a picture of it not working ? finally worked the next day than not for a day than again for a day now it's been 3 days. I see why people are…
  • haven't been able to get one complete yet
  • my catching hasn't worked since yesterday just another zynga fail can't speed feed my prized animal barn either sent in tickets but am about to stop playing have been playing since it started but with all the problems and not getting things like the research lab I'm about done
  • Mine worked once now that I have collected nets it won't open another zynga glitch
  • mine worked until the bonus and completing it is a Wendy task this happened with the star warren as well getting tired of all the glitches
  • haven't even gotten it yet sent in 2 tickets still not fixed
  • never got it tried searching inventory but can't find it sending another ticket
  • Mine has the purple drop above it that won't go away there are people from the co-op standing by my market stand that do nothing when I click on them I don't see if people answer my request and there are no shared orders that count as . I Have been playing since the beginning and have noticed they don't really care anymore…
  • checked inventory and nothing there once again fail on zynga's part if we don't get it and others do we will have trouble collecting items when others no longer need them I have been playing since the beginning and have noticed how drastically the number of players has dropped
  • Haven't received it yet hope it's not timed and will end before I get to play
  • Mine won't load past the farm picture and my envelope hides behind this. Tried the support button and bottom of screen goes grey reached the forums through button on bottom this is getting old I have noticed the drop in people playing. The timer keeps ticking and they don't reset when they finally fix it they just give you…
  • same here have wasted 6 moves trying to get in mine says 4/0 no packages left giving up until they fix it sent a ticket
  • biofuel wasn't my issue if was making the name cards by chapter 6 I had to make 12 to advance never got past that chapter
  • I have the following Harvest 37 olive (7) 10 lemon (4) 34 chinese mulberry (3) water 26 horse mango (4) 42 satinleaf (3) fertilize 33 black apricot (5) 90 mango (4) 93 marimer kumquat (4) I didn't finish the last 2 quests because of all the crazy requirements
    in # Trees Comment by castlclenr April 2020
  • I just finished building mine and low and behold another rip off I just harvested my crops and I have zero goldemberry and zero barberry I am getting sick of the issues with this game and have noticed the drastic drop of people playing keep it up ynda and everyone will find other games I have been playing since day one and…
  • every time I make oil I have to reload the game anyone else having this issue
  • haven't got the pop up and you need to place it to complete a quest