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  • well today my game bar gets stuck at 3/4 load i have followed all the steps cleared my cache, checked my browser was upto date, i then went into my chrome settings to make sure hardware acceleration was on it was so i turned it of n did another cache clean i then turned it back on n tried loading the game again but the…
  • still unable to get into the game same reason so i decided to click on my inbox n then send n accept all requests. I then tried refreshing but got the same n had a few in my inbox so i sent/accepted them n logged out closed my browser n rebooted my comp. I then tried again and same thing so i did a compatibility trouble…
  • game only loading 3/4 of the way ram is 8 gb so enough ram even uninstalling n reinstalling doesnt solve the issue nor does cache cleaning been like this since 2pm gmt yesterday
  • mine was working fine but yesterday game would load to sort of 3/4 of the way n then thats it, so i cleared my cache, refreshed 3 times n still the same u dont even see the loading bar load it goes straight to the 3/4 full load, i then uninstalled launcher n reinstalled but got the same yesterday waited over a hr to see if…
  • i have to water 264 nut trees so i went ahead without checking n watered all my nut trees (using alot of water) i then read about it here n saw to check so i have done just that. Here r pics of the nut trees that i can harvest plus a pic of nut trees i havent as yet unlocked but might help those that have them unlocked
  • ok it has changed here but not on my pic in the actual game so how come
  • well i know there is alot if not majority of zynga players that cant actually see what they have posted like we use to i personally am 1 of those zynga only players that cant see what ive posted in my profile if i click on my profile i just see who my friends r but that is it, we also use to be able to remove friends from…
  • people that play via zyngagames n not via facebook can no longer get into there profile page n get the links but i believe facebook players can still access there links as they will still be able to access there profile page which therefore shows the links that is the proplem now. I only play via zyngaames website so dont…
  • Racer Patch correct link https://zyngagames.com/play/farmville-two/viral.php?viralId=e72791c976fa1f1da4aec0d7cc5ec48b_20141073871&src=zdc&aff=profile&crt=feed
  • would be nice if we could go into our profile page and see the pics of the posts we made on zynga.com or zyngagames.com but this is now impossible Chiibisuke so maybe that should be changed or removed looks like only facebook players can now post here
  • correction link of the Maraschino Cherries https://zyngagames.com/play/farmville-two/viral.php?viralId=fe226e5489605fdb110386e27a4fbdfa_33295692123&src=zdc&aff=profile&crt=feed as u had left the o out in the word two
  • well on my add as friend majority of them are already on my neighbour bar, but they reaccept n yet they still sit in my add neighbour/friend list and that is so annoying cause everytime i visit a neighbour it comes up with visit or hide, so have to be extremely careful that i dont press the hide n with contact tremor that…
  • finally worked it out but today it is not there so assuming they r either stopping it or just refreshing but some how i dont think that is the case as stand is no longer there unless its a new stand coming as well
  • doesnt it come up when u go into game to get the launcher it should do ive heard that those that play via mac r having problems with it though but u should contact support bout it really Hoyty
  • contacted support n was told to do it via the launcher app on the desktop n not the bookmark n if this doesnt work to send a recording in so i tried n finally got my 1st 1 claimed i missed yesterday due to proplems so was unable to get online todya i did it via the launcher app on my desktop n i didnt get the prize but…
  • i also click on the thingy for the reward but i dont get a claim i just get got it as pic will show which i redid today i also went straight into the game as well n it showed what pic showed i then clicked the little thingy desk n got exact same pic this is of thingy desk on day it came out n its same today as i cant claim…
  • obviously i do it via the pop up that comes on my screen but like my first pic shows nothing received i clicked on the thing on my farm just to get the pic i posted so obviously the pop up doesnt work n the thing on the farm doesnt work. Y does zynga give these things that dont work? they should get back with regards this…
  • idea book n wispy winter wreath came up saying sorry couldnt find this gift
  • well its Thursday 14:32 GMT here n still no new mission ive even followed the info that support has said n have clicked on some what i believe is new mission items but so far nothing