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  • Howdy, Farmers! We're glad to let you know that the team has recently fixed the TXT and pink display issue with the Tractor Factor, so you should now be able to continue completing tasks and collect Machine Cards again worry-free. Please reload/refresh your game for the changes to apply. However, our team still diligently…
  • Sorry to know that your having trouble accessing the World Fair through your Wagon/Truck/Helicopter, Farmers. Our team is already investigating this issue alongside getting stuck on the rewards window for a fix. For other technical errors you're experiencing on the side, please troubleshoot your device through these…
  • We appreciate your feedback about upgrading to the Prized Animal Barn, @"Cassie Marie King". You may count on us to take note of this and forward it to the team for review. However, as also suggested by @"Irena.P", you may contact our Player Support team to help you complete the tasks with Golden Fleece. Sorry for the…
  • Sorry for the inconvenience caused, Farmers. The investigation for this is already underway, so rest assured that you'll be able to complete the "Pufftastic Collection" in the soonest possible time. For updates, please visit our Hot Topics section periodically. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.…
  • Apologies for the inconvenience, @Elizabethg and @Textmum. Our team is already investigating the required number of Fall Popsicles for an immediate fix, so you'll be able to enjoy completing the tasks for "Opera Dinner Table" without a hitch. For updates, you may check this article periodically. I appreciate your continued…
  • We apologize for the confusion, Farmers. Our team is already working for an immediate fix to have this corrected, so rest assured that you'll be able to complete the "Opera Dinner Table" tasks with ease soon. For updates, you may visit this article from time to time. We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.…