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  • (Quote) Appreciate both of your feedback to the Garden Windmill, @Ellemarie & @KJustice. These will be relayed to the team. As for the screen freezing, please give these troubleshooting steps a try, then get back to us if it hasn't unfroze. Than…
  • Congrats on completing almost all of the crop and tree masteries, @"Norman G"! Thank you for the suggestion. This will be relayed to the team. Appreciate your support to the game. :)
  • I appreciate your report, @spiritwof. It appears that you may have experienced the result of a server sync issue, in which your game and our servers got disconnected. I suggest that you do some troubleshooting steps to help you optimize your gamepla…
  • (Quote) I appreciate all your reports, Farmers. I just want to update that this issue is still being looked into by our team. Please always check the Hot Topics on our Support site and your Farms for news about the fix. Thank you for your patience a…
  • (Quote) Apologies for the experiences, Farmers. The crashing when accessing and completing tasks on the Ice Cream Cart is a known issue that the team is already working on. (Quote) Meanwhile, your reports about your completed tasks being uncounted …
  • Apologies for the experiences, Farmers. The team is already aware of the crashing/freezing when accessing or completing the tasks on the Ice Cream Cart and now working for a fix. Please always check the Hot Topics section of our Support site and you…
  • Your feedback regarding the closure of the Gourmet Farm are all noted, @"Lexa Whitecroft" & @"Colleen Murphy". I recommend contacting our Player Support team with the necessary details for them to look at what can be done wit…
  • (Quote) Apologies for the experience, Farmers. I recommend contacting our Player Support team to check further on what can be done with the disappearance of the Summer Fishing Tournament together with your rewards. Appreciate your patience.
  • I suggest contacting Facebook Support to have this checked, @helper. In the meantime, I recommend playing on Zynga Games website instead. Click on "Connect with Facebook" instead of "Start Fresh" to avoid getting this error when …
  • (Quote) Appreciate all your feedback about the drop rate of Standard and Premium Permits for the Woodland Castle, Farmers. These will be forwarded to the team for reviews. (Quote) Your feedback regarding not getting Permits even before building the…
  • Appreciate you all Farmers for reporting, doing some workarounds, and sending tickets to our Support team. This is a known issue that the team is currently working on. I recommend checking this article periodically for updates. Thank you for your pa…
  • Appreciate you for replying back, @konamouse & @LadyMistery. I'm glad to inform you all that this issue has been fixed. You may see your missing Water Certificates once again in your Inventory. Please check it out and have a good day!
  • (Quote) Apologies for the experience about your missing Water Certificates, Farmers. The team is aware of it and currently working on a fix. I suggest checking this link from time to time for updates. I appreciate your patience and understanding. P…
  • Welcome to the FarmVille 2 Forums, @vickifroulston! Appreciate you reported your concerns being unable to post and to open the envelope. I suggest clicking the globe icon on the upper right part of the game (refer to the image below) and select a di…
  • Appreciate your report regarding your missing Favors from the side quest and completion of orders, @mlafitte. You may need to contact our Support team to have your game investigated further. Thanks.
    in Favors‼ Comment by RonWheatley June 6
  • Howdy, @angie! For you to harvest Mud Wallow, you must have at least four existing adult pigs. Also, make sure that you have at least one pig out on your Farm (not in a Barn) to complete the animation and for this to work properly. Let me know how i…
    in mud wallow Comment by RonWheatley May 21