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  • 3620 for me.....yeah......no My second customer wanted me to make 150 tokens worth of stuff....again.....no I guess it'll have to sit there like so many other things these days.
  • I don't have launcher (whatever that is) and it's doing it to me as well. There is a post in the Bug section.
  • The same thing happened to me. I bought my way out of that one but now 4/8 they are asking for 6 Dinnerware and the sixth will not count. I'm not buying my way out of this one. It can sit there.
    in cookbooks Comment by Pepper19 July 2019
  • Dance Mix https://zyngagames.com/play/farmville-two/viral.php?viralId=76816bdc337eebcd5bb7613978bd1339_39454172291&src=zdc&aff=profile&crt=feed
  • (Quote) Is that even possible?!
  • (Quote) This is normal....no need to report it. We've all complained about the Grand Prix. I even tried losing on purpose at first to go back to normal racing....didn't work. Now it's hidden in the farthest corner of my farm surrounded by groves of …
  • (Quote) I totally agree with you. I liked the little check marks telling me what was completed.
  • For me the Prized Animal Barn is totally worth it (aside from the golden fleece problem). All the rare animals that didn't have a place before can go in there instead of taking up an animal slot on the farm.
  • (Quote) The quest is confusing. I only had to buy 7 new trees in total and prune them. After that you can use the trees in your grove. And I didn't buy my trees with real money....just coins.
  • My river acts up sporadically as well and the only way I've found around it is to cram everything up as close as I possibly can to the front and the far right side. Sometimes my river comes back to normal then I can lay everything out the way I want…
  • (Quote) I agree with you that the bell (notifications) will not open once the game has fully loaded. I've never tried to open it "while" the game is loading....however, mine will open at the Zynga site, before I hit Play. At least that's h…
  • Whenever I have a number on my bell, it is someone asking to be my friend in the game. When I click on it, it drops down and shows me who is asking. Then I can either accept or decline. Not sure why yours isn't working when you click on it.
  • That's odd....I always thought the amount of groves and fields were dependent on how much land you have opened. I know there is a max but until you open more land you cannot increase them.....yes? I've been at the max for awhile now so it's hard to…
    in Grove Comment by Pepper19 February 2019
  • Mine changed when I got the Town Hall. Now my screen is a pic of the people building it. I'm guessing you didn't get it?
  • (Quote) I know it seems silly but did you check your inventory? Also, did you refresh?
  • (Quote) Mine is exactly like this. Level 230 something.
  • (Quote) This forum used to use different software and yes, it had an Ignore button. Something happened with the other software and they switched to this one....we lost the ignore button.
  • (Quote) Why would you need to worry about it? The original post was meant to be funny. Inappropriate comments are the norm for some people....every forum has one.
  • I think it's more the inability to recognize sarcasm.
  • I hate when Zynga doesn't make it the same for everyone. I liked the "glitch" while it lasted but I'm okay now that it's gone too. Of course I didn't know it was a glitch at the time because I've had it for years....I just thought it was n…