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  • I don't have enough time to waste doing it, but if I did, for some of you I would love to regularly visit your farms just to click on weird stuff. I'd get a kick out of someone thinking, "I wonder why this guy stops by every single day just to cl…

  • I'm sure they intended on adding more maps, storyline and higher level boats, but just like so many other mini games and side quests, they never made it back to update aspects of the game they already implemented. Most likely due to the constant …

  • Are you sure you mean inventory and not your envelope? Mine seems to be fine and I've been on most of the day too. Is there are number over your envelope? I keep using and returning gifts all day as needed. Thanks for the visit btw. I will return…

  • Irena's tasks are all pretty easy and look at the race points 10-8-8-2.

    Mine are just like Kathleen's, not impossible, but definitely much harder, and the race points are all 2-2-2-2 same as hers.

    I hate skipping events with level…

  • I think its safe to say we have different drop rates, but I suspect you fall into one of these categories and there's nothing you can do about it.

    1. Low drop rate for standard and premium permits
    2. High drop rate for standard pe…
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    That's exactly how I would describe my experience as well. My game runs strong for a little bit until it consumes most of my 16 GB of RAM and then the fans start whirling. So I close my browser and re-load the game and I'm good again f…

  • (Quote)

    No Shake, that part is very true..

  • With my play style I go through a lot of animals so 16 standard permits are reasonable to me, I actually have 500 or so extra standard permits just sitting there I can never use. The drop rate on the gold permits is always low. I rely on the 2x g…

  • (Quote)

    Same as shakespam. Came to forum to see if everyone got the pop up. I didn't get the 20 FBs either. To my credit I did actually install Country Escape, I just didn't like it.

  • @Nina_Purpleton said:


    That's a good point Nina. It's tough to label anyone a cheater in this one bc you can save up treats which is wh…

  • My tasks are potentially doable but 3 time in a row my challengers have finished 6-9 laps by the end of the race. I was trying to complete since there's a level up cert for a prize.

    I calculate ~70-80 treats to complete a lap. 70x9 = 630 …

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    Yes! You are right they were just 25k coins and you could have as many as you could fit. I remember back then I couldn't afford too many 25k coins because I was trying to save up for a few expansions. I had planned to load up on groves…

  • I don't know if anyone can remember this far back, but when groves originally came out I don't think there was a limit. I remember when they put a cap on the groves I was mad at myself for not buying more earlier. I myself don't have hundreds or …

  • I thought Marcus came back for a second until I looked over at the date...

  • I don't even know what's the point of new levels. Everyone knows players at 520-540 are either glitchers or cheaters. What's the XP requirement for level 540? 2 Billion XP? And there aren't enough level up certs to get you there honestly.

  • I also dislike this type of quest due to the constant moving of trees in and out of groves. At least the numbers seem pretty low. 195 for final reward on my farm.

  • @Mara1022 This looks like its related to Launcher+ Have you tried uninstalling the Launcher+ and reinstalling? Or maybe a better question is what happens if yo…

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    I do get the 'slot info txt' message, but usually on banana trees mostly. I used to speed grow them for the rich order board. Can't remember doing using too many pears. From these two examples we have, maybe it happens with trees that …

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    After the bloom bug and the crowd disappears, try completing one new order and you should get your weekly goal favors and bloom. I always do it this way if possible since refreshing is sooo slllooowww.

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    When you get the pop up saying you hit your max for the week, just hit the 'X' button to close the pop up. Close the market stall. Then go back in and craft a new order. It will count.