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  • I get one bio for every two bottles I feed. I always feed single bottles when the babies kick out a resource. I buy the Boer Goat as he takes 15 bottles so I don't use up my space in the barn so quickly. When the quest first started, I was getting TWO biofuels for every single bottle fed! I should have taken advantage of…
  • Mine works, but I got up to the reward of a 20% reduction in tree times for 7 days. I don't see a cert or icon in the Inventory to activate it, and my pear tree is still a 24 hour crop and my lemons are still 12 hour. Does anyone know if/how this activates? Closed the window and reopened, still the same timers. Thanks!
  • Yeah it's weird, because I know when I complete all three tasks it obviously gets replaced with another set of tasks. I always use Brave browser in Z and not FB. Ha ha thanks for the compliment re: organization, I have more logged above that screenshot so I know what animals I have (prized as well as what's in my regular…
  • It won't let me make ANY combinations now, says "I made that combo already" and have two slots left to fill. Also, one combination "had a problem," so I got feed and fert as a "consolation prize?" So now I am stuck because I can't do any combo, it won't let me research anymore.
  • I had all of the pans available for use, I am unemployed, spent a lot of time doing this quest, and today it's gone. Not enough time imo. I cannot even fathom how I can keep up once I get hired again! It's crazy and getting not fun anymore.
  • I've noticed that the stockings I take off the feed or earn by doing tasks are not counting to the gift. I completed 7 of 12 of the tasks (three just today) and at two stockings each I should have six, even if only today's counted. I show two. I also nabbed about three off the feed but still, shows 2 out of 8 stockings. I…
  • My (second) ticket says the only way to get lights is to buy them. The first time they answered they said they were aware of the problem of the see-saw not counting toward the tractor (canned response). Honestly I think they screwed up and are covering in this manner. I can get into it but that's it. Why would someone pay…
  • It says there's 17 days left when I hover over the workstation, and I cannot do the last item after the seesaw. I guess I'll have to contact support (again).
  • So they can put a rainbow in for Pride but no snow for Christmas? It's pretty and I like it, but I don't like what I perceive as pandering, fix the scrolling issue and give us snow THEN maybe I wouldn't be quite as miffed.
  • I used to be able to do all the items per phase and rack up extra badges by doing them all (hence having some left over for the next phase) but now you have to do all the items (unless you can collect some from the sidebar) in order to activate the phase. Every single quest has gotten ridiculous for the amounts of items…
  • Mine switched and is now 4 water for heirloom grove. Might want to check yours :)
  • I had to make 27 ghost pepper sauces - but then it magically changed to 11 (I calculate what I need to plant so I know it changed). Then this morning I went to make corn egg salads, and it went from 1 power each, to two, then to three each right before my eyes as I was making them! Crazy.
  • Has anyone experienced their prized shovels going away after using the farmhand? My amber shovel went POOF yesterday after I used him/her. And I was ready to level up with full plots of sunflowers, and was in double-time to boot. Had to buy another shovel this morning after putting a support ticket in last night. :(
  • Going on record that I planted white roses last night as well as water bamboo and none counted. I hope the fix will include credit for that task (showing that it is completed!)
  • I have 27 ghost pepper oils to make, and each one takes six (6!) flasks so that's like 4 or maybe 6 I can make in any given day since you can't store over 12 flasks... I don't know if I am going to be able to complete this one....
  • 2305 for me. I am skipping this and probably just actively trying the Fort and using the Helping Hands for the ludicrous requirements for the Living Room. I just wish that when they recycle the hotel/fort gold/silver check-in feature that they'd give more gold and fewer silver.
  • Me too, I contacted support. This along with the never-ending scrolling issue that causes me to suddenly click on something I didn't intend to is getting tiring. I hate paying for a game I truly enjoy that continues to have these bogus issues! Have a good afternoon everyone :) edit: Works now but is a bit slow - Chrome…
  • I have a very detailed spreadsheet I use as well and I think I posted it here sometime long ago. I sent a request to access this because I am curious as to whether or not it's mine :D
  • The thing I like about it is being able to up your pedigree for breeding purposes. That's what my main goal for using it is :)
  • All day long I have not seen my 3 quest icons so I don't know if I've accomplished anything :( Why do I even pay for this game anymore? VIP member for over 2 years and this is the kind of game we get to deal with regularly. Cleared cache, cookies and used facebook and different browsers - nothing helps.