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  • I did yet another launcher install since I got a popup to do so and so far it is working.. This is the popup window I got. I am thinking it is more recent coding and I also used the zyngagame.com to load the game up. (Image)
  • I have noticed just a couple times it wants to load.. I will see the loading bar for 2 seconds and disappears and then I get the dreaded mismatch error. It's like a never ending cycle 😣
  • Zynga decided to PO the player off even more by wiping out your inbox of saved baby bottles etc.. I wonder what their excuse is this time.. Probably something as lame as the revamping of the Coop stall 👎🙄
  • One of their biggest mistakes if you ask me.. The Owners hands are tied, can't remove those who stopped playing and so much more.. Zynga doesn't bother fixing any of this either. It's like getting a lump of coal for Christmas.. "We are going to…
  • You can get coins by selling your animals in the pasture and no power needed.. A bred horse or cow is worth 20k.. You can also sell items in your inventory under most of the tabs. When you reach 195 the Mandarin Clementine tree will open up and you…
  • This is the perfect excuse to stop playing, not that I wanted to but there is no reason now since FV2 is doomed.. It will be the last Zynga game I ever play because I will remember all the glitches, stress and frustrations from myself and other play…
  • You can turn off programs running in the background you don't necessarily need while playing the game. This will free up memory usage...
  • Did you finish building the detective office first?.. If not you won't get the biofuel from feeding baby animals. Finish building first.
  • This at least puts the players mind at ease that after December the game isn't going away.. I think they saw enough comments in the forum of us wondering and worrying to officially mention that the launcher will continue to make your game work.. I …
  • Ya!.. you know someone is going to come here and say they can't plant it LOL!
  • The co-op is messed up since they messed with it, end of story...