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  • I want the Explorer one, it has level up certificates
  • I found you get more if you use longer term crops at least 4hours + For me it worked out around 22 mulch per 100 fertilised crops. I got more planting one of the packet crops from the woods, cayenne pepper.
  • I've had the new Black one for ages now, it seems to be miraculously working today, but it has had intermittent spells of working before, I'm not overly excited yet.
  • Sadly, VIP membership doesn't give you access to preferential Support. It gives you exactly what is said on the tin... Farmbucks, animals . Build team etc. Some people are reporting their problems regarding joining coops is being resolved. It used …
  • LOL.. as if. :p
    in Trees Comment by Irena.P February 25
  • Known issue please add to the existing thread. https://zyngaplayerforums.com/farmville2/discussion/3183791/known-issue-unable-to-receive-requested-items#latest
    in Requests Comment by Irena.P February 25
  • Just came out today for me. Nothing to do with Tuesday. Its for five days, and there is a bonus prize, of a goat. so not just an airship. I don't really like these Balloon/airship decor prizes, but I've sen lots of them bobbling about on farms over …
  • Send a ticket to support ask them why you are not getting the Tuesday Quests. Link to support is in my signature.
  • Is the Friendz feed working for anyone yet?? :/ I am still just seeing my own posts, which aren't even correct... The live feed seems to not have anything relevant to current quests either.
  • If you have already tried clearing your browser cache, and are still getting the old crab icons from the last quest of this type, and getting TXT in the boxes, only thing you can do is send in a ticket to support. Mine is working fine, but TBH, I'm…
  • No need to buy baby bottles, read this guide CAREFULLY, and learn to use your inbox correctly. Get yourself as many zfriends as you can, so you can keep sending out requests for stuff, and NOT lose any of it into the great Zynga void. http://zyngapl…
  • You are not placed in a wagon or league depending upon level, but on HOW you play. If you never or rarely use a Farmbuck shovel, don't accumulate hundreds of thousands of fair points, play a few times a day, or a few times per week. So you may get …
  • Worst thing that will happen is they will be moved from your wagon this week, but you will see them again.... Usually the hard core cheaters, end up with -1 scores, it means they have hit a number the game can't record ie a few billion... but the sy…
  • Just looking at your last screen shot you have a LOT of tags open. As we know FV2 is a memory guzzling dinosaur of a game, Launcher makes it even more so. Maybe try it without a load of other stuff open, or just stop playing. My lappy has the m…
  • All you can do is report them if you feel you must, but nothing will happen. Here is the form. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/178xMY1ruHxKZOWO4ZfZ3eq_1bMsGNYC6j7sjXCEvtQI/viewform?edit_requested=true#start=invite Do a search of the forum using Ke…
  • Worked fine a long time ago... but a lot happened between then and now. So yeah, they had to develop a fix, for something that had nothing to do with them, not Zynga's fault Flash was discontinued. So, they developed Launcher, it works, but needs co…
  • It's always worth doing a search of the forum and ADDING your post to an existing thread, the bigger the thread the more likely it will attract the attention of a Moderator who will then pass on the info to the team. We used to have mods who patie…
  • No fertiliser, no mulch. As I found to my horror when my game didn't fully save, and I harvested 600 unfertilised crops, and 45 groves of unfertilised trees, and got ZERO mulch. :s