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  • Just an added thought for you .... if you have the Spring Tent event, you can choose to keep the raised animal "on the farm" and put it in inventory. You'll have an Adult animal ready to pull out of inventory whenever needed. This can re…
  • I always use the Hungry Animal Cert with the Unlimited Water Cert (so far they can be used together). You will prize out a lot, so have Baby Bottles on hand. I just check the animal products I have, and put out animals based on what I need --- mil…
  • Thanks!
  • I play on Zynga most but also on Facebook. Using Chrome on both. Thanks for info. Actual msg is "A new version of Farmville Two is available. Click "Update" for the best farming experience." (V is not caps and Two is spelled …
  • Before getting to upset, be aware that these probably don't actually function. I had a second item pop into my farm a couple of years ago -- surprised & didn't know why/how. Anyway, it didn't function and I could only get rid of it by contacti…
    in Not fair Comment by GlendaT May 23
  • So far do NOT like -- was doing just fine with the members we had in our coop - small & all doing their part and, when needed, picking up slack with one member had other commitments. Took me awhile to recall the name of my coop as never had to …
  • I heirloom for the tasks, elder out, then store. Pull out when have unlimited water time or needed for a another task. Can, but rarely, sell for shears. Happy farming.
  • Zynga sometimes gives consumables when the programming is messed up for awhile or in response to a significant support issue. These are put directly into your inventory. Don't know about energy packs (never bought one). If you don't have mouse co…
  • It IS complicated -- don't much like ones like this, but want the tractor for the farm, so working it thru
  • This means you have to make for oil (which uses the cards) before you can add more cards to your inventory. You can tell how much oil you have by looking at the upper right corner of your farm for the new icon near those telling you how much water…
  • If you try to sell a card that is needed for an upgrade, a message pops up and tell you - then asks if you really want to sell that item (yes/no) -- so I've been selling things that apparently aren't needed for an upgrade. I Have lots of cards, but…
  • yes, mine too. Hasn't moved in several hours.
  • I like the repeat -- didn't get the vampire horse last time - but definitely working toward it this year.
  • If you haven't already tried this: Look in inventory for a "Salt 5 Pack". If you find it, you need to click on "use" under the icon. This should release all 5 for use. But be careful - be sure to check how much individual salt…
  • Just in case info needed: To become elder, a tree must first be Pruned (Heirloomed) -- then after x harvests, it will elder and can be stored in inventory/sold. I believe only trees that go elder in a Grove will offer chance to sell for pruning sh…
  • this is something that users would need to create themselves. One problem is that recipes open at various levels, so you may not have access to them. Even so, I have several and add as I have time: Yeast: Fluffy Rice Cakes; Vinegar Pepper: Peppere…
  • Other Yeast recipes: Fluffy Rice Cakes and Vinegar.
  • I've noticed that when these types quests require lots of items, the produce/recipe often show up in later OB's or quest tasks. Have often completed 8-10 OB blocks with little or no additional work. I plan to go as far as time allows on this one. …
  • To be extra nice to visitors, suggest putting sprinklers and any high XP animals/trees in the lower right corner of your farm --- for quick clicks by visitors. Hope you have a great time away & come back when you can.