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  • Sorry for the inconvenience, @michele94. Our team is currently looking into this experience to help you complete your collection without problems and view the correct number of Succulents in Showcase in the Succulent Garden. Be assured that we'll keep you all in the loop on our Hot Topics section as soon as we receive…
  • Sorry for the experience, @wolfcreekgal63. Our team is actively working on a fix for this, so be assured that you'll be able to view the A Starry Collection's tasks and carry on catching Starfish with ease soon. In the meantime, we'll keep you all posted on our Hot Topics section for further updates. Thanks for your…
  • Sorry to hear that, Farmers. If you have yet to complete the Mini Post-Office's building, as @MissJ17 has mentioned, please do so first as it can help you resolve this issue. If you have already and still unable to earn Biofuels from raising animals, be assured that our team is working on it. Meanwhile, keep an eye on our…
  • Sorry to hear about what happened,@mpidcoke17. Performing these troubleshooting steps for the FarmVille 2 Launcher+ should get you right back to your Farm. We also suggest checking the tips here, as these may help you make the most of your farming experience. Let us know how it goes.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, @grandmakat. Be assured that our team is working hard to fix this issue so you can catch Pufferfishes from these islands soon and complete your collection on time. For now, please check our Hot Topics section periodically for further updates. I appreciate your patience and understanding. Thanks…
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, Farmers. This issue has already been raised to the team, and while a fix is being worked on, I suggest trying the workarounds here as these may help you get the display pictures to appear in your game again. Thanks for your patience. I appreciate sharing your inputs, @gameplayer2011 and…
  • Sorry to hear about your experience, @kennethstorey1959, @internetfarmer, and @"Irena.P". I suggest following the workarounds here to help you completely load your Farm and optimize its performance using the FV2 Launcher+. Please keep me posted, thank you. I appreciate your inputs, @shakespam_123.
  • Sorry for the inconvenience, @tlisa. To make the Full Screen button visible, please temporarily change the game's language by performing these steps: * Load your Farm * Tap the "Globe" which is just beside the "Envelope" (refer to the image below) * Choose any other language and wait for the game to reload * Click on…
  • I'm happy to let you know that this issue has been fixed by our team, @Elizabethg and @Textmum! You should now see the correct required number of Fall Popsicles and progress in "Opera Dinner Table" with ease. Happy farming! Thanks again, @konamouse!
  • We appreciate your report, @CCKINC. This is currently being worked on by our team, so rest assured that you will be able to Graduate your animals and continue earning Tuition Points in the Nutrition Center soon. Please visit our Hot Topics section for further updates. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks for your input,…
  • Sorry for the experience, @debenorris. Our team is actively working to correct these Songbird concerns helping you craft items to finish your tasks without a hitch. I suggest visiting our Hot Topics section for further updates. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your inputs, @gameplayer2011 and…
  • We're sorry for the experience, Farmers. Our team has recently corrected this issue, so rest assured that the tasks that you're working on in the House of Chocolates will remain the same after refreshing the game. We also appreciate you @"froggie" and @"CarlEddy" for updating us. Your continued patience to the game is…
  • Apologies, Farmers. We're glad to inform you all that this has been fixed by our team, so you may now resume collecting items and helping your friends out from the Feed Panel. Be assured that all of your feedback are being relayed for review. Thank you for your continued patience and support to the game. On behalf of our…
  • We appreciate the steps you've performed and we're pleased to inform you that the "It looks like you've opened up FarmVille 2 in another window!" error message has been corrected by our team. Please refresh your game for the fix to take effect. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated, Farmers.
  • Apologies for the experience, Benille. Please check your inbox as I've sent you a private message to further assist you with this. Thank you.
  • We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate the workarounds you've performed, Farmers. Our team has been made aware of the missing 3-Use Speed-grow Machines and rest assured that it's doing its best to have this corrected. For updates, please keep an eye out here. We thank you for your patience and understanding…
  • Welcome to the Official FarmVille 2 Forum page, @RuthEllis. In addition to what the other players have provided, you may also try the steps below that might help you rotate your Scarecrow. Thanks again @shakespam_123 and @"Irena.P" for helping out. 1⃣- Right-click to grab the scarecrow. 2⃣- Space Bar to rotate. 3⃣-…
  • Apologies for the experience, @JeannetteR. For you to be assisted further, we suggest posting this on FarmVille's Official Forum page. I also removed your Game ID for your privacy. Thanks and we also appreciate you, @WitchieWiz4023, for helping out.