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  • I am having the same problems with the pottery studio challenge and the petcare one now. It takes so long to get the items you need, and the only response I get is 'clear the cache'!!
  • JDspeeder1, I had the same problem, and the only suggestions I get for co-ops to join appear to consist of 1 or 2 people and haven't completed any tasks.
  • I also left my co-op as I was completing over 40 tasks but the other 3 (which is what we ended up with) were only completing a few so we never met the targets. Now I am unable to join another co-op as we can no longer browse for active co-ops.
  • I also left my co-op for the same reason. It seems difficult to join another co-op.
  • Hi. Yes, the reply from Zynga was completely useless and didn't explain anything. I also have problems with the launcher :(
  • Thank you, hopefully my neighbours will return :)
  • Does anyone know where the Licitar Heart is please?
  • Thank you. Yes I clicked on the blue button so I knew what counted. It just seemed to appear that to count towards the task I had to water many separate fields of individual vegetables which didn't seem to make much sense. Thank you for responding.
  • I'm also still having this problem. Zynga said they were sorting it but that doesn't seem to be happening. It's not just on Farmville either, I have this issue on other games I play.
  • Yes nige1875, I was led to believe that Zynga just wanted opinions and maybe to assess other people's reactions so 'fingers crossed' :) Maybe other players feel the same :D Probably not enough though!!
  • I have suddenly been unable to log in to Zynga games. I get a message telling me my pssword is incorrect, despite it being correct, and even when I reset it I couldn't log in. Is there an issue please?