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  • yes I agree. I keep my farm as lean as zynga will allow. The whole front of my farm is annoying things that I can't remove. I don't want another rooster. I don't want to spin the wheel. I don't want the goose. I don't care about dolphins : )…

  • The thing about mastery signs is they give you the exact number of harvests or feed needed to the next ribbon. But once they are blue, there is no use whatsoever for them.

    I don't use them for things that I know I will master anyway, no…

  • I use both firefox and chrome but I won't use Edge, and I usually get rid of the full screen thing by refreshing, or closing and launching from the Launcher again

  • Nope, can't sell them, and that is just the start of the list. There are many, many, more things under ingredients and crafted items that were for old quests and can't be sold or destroyed. Yes I have already mentioned things that I can't get r…

  • I am level 179, and not really worried about leveling. I just went through my inventory, and for low level things like Oranges through Coconuts, I have over 6000 of each in the Heirloom versions in stock, but keep running into quests and orders …

  • What we need are more groves, and the ability to destroy mastery signs. I dread mastering more things and getting more signs in inventory

  • I only put up the mastery signs for animals or trees I am working on mastering. Otherwise I would like to destroy them instead of keeping them in inventory.

  • Get rid of it.