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  • neringa

    so , zynga team asked me to send pictures of the problem... i told them I didnt take any because I didnt expect that to happen. I am sure if they would look into the progrress of my game they will see that this happened. but they told me in the end that spinning Wheel didnt revert and they sayed that they wont respond to this isue any more... also I have a big problem with helping hand stand. every time i try to go on it and open, it will totaly crash the whole game :( zynga suport wont even sort this issue for me. they wont reply to any of my issues and I dont know what to do. I feel almost like it is some sort of mental abuse from this situation.. i even put an abuse form but still nothing is done and I cant get theese problem sorted.. so now if the game crashes again and I wont be able to load it anymore.... they wont help :( can you give me any advise.. I dont know where to turn. thank you very much

    March 3
  • neringa

    hello dear player. I'm afraid zynga wont respond to my query so no point for me waisting my nerves to ask them to help me with the tuesday special task understanding... I had big dissapointment and still very upset with zynga support staff.. they don't fix any bigger issues at all. i opened a ticket about my spinning wheel problem. I need someone to hear me out.. sorry to bother you about this. what happened is, that close to a year ago now I managed to reach a second price draw spinning wheel full. It took me liturally year to reach it because I never understood this tuesday special task thing... Anyway, after couple of months not even that the spinning wheel just suddenly changed back to the first priced one??? I never could understand why would this just happened so I was soooo upset over it because it took me very very long time to achieve this. so I asked zynga suport team to help me with this issues and i wanted them to return my earned seconed price spinning wheel back on my fa

    March 3