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  • MyGame07

    Thank you @Irena.P for being patient with me. Sometimes it takes time for things to sink in for me. After reading your comments it finally makes sense to me. Thank you very much for explaining this to me again.

    October 2
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    September 24
  • MyGame07

    Hello @Irena.P. I hope you are having a good day. I have worked with another Farmville 2 Neighbor of mine to create a list of all the animals in Farmville 2 from the general store,limited edition and from the quest. We have all the xp that the animals give but I am trying to find out what each animal produces milk,horseshoes feathers and so on. Also the feed time for each animal. Do you have any idea how I can find out that information? Any help will be so appreciated. Thank you

    September 12
    • Irena.P
      To be hinest, it seems like an awful lot of work for no reason. There used to be a guide on the XP, but it was lost when the forum software changed.
      In general, with few exceptions, the animals give out a standard product. not varying much in amount. Farmbuck animals give Adult x 5. Prized x 2.
      Coin, Adult x2 Prized x1.
      LE, can be the same as coin or perhaps1 extra. Usually plus 1 when prized, An increase may be applicable when blue ribboned.
      JUst check your market stand for ADULT and Prized resources. Very litttle difference for LE animals not listed in the Market. Plus as they usually prize out after 50 feeds, They aren't usually worth keeping in the barn once you have blue ribboned them. For instance most LE Pigs when prized give x1 resource, while a Coin Pink Pig gives x2 when prized.

      Off the top of my head. But still pointless
      The ONLY prized critter to give 5 fert, is the NEW HAMPSHIRE CHICKEN.. its old, you won't find then anywhere,
      The Bagot Goat gives a good amount of XP. as does the Harlequin Rabbit. Some older players have a few of those animals out front if anyone wants to click on them.

      As you progess, you wont have time to check endless lists to see if you might get an extra saddle.