How do I get Golden Fleece??

Cassie Marie KingCassie Marie King PumpkinRegistered User Posts: 36 Learning the Ropes

The Racing Station wants me to make 2 orders 105 Pink Rose Bouqets. It needs Golden Fleece and we don't get that anymore now that the sheep shack is gone. Why do they give you tasks you con't complete??? I have 2 of them and it is very frustrating. What can I do?

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  • Irena.PIrena.P Forum Meister Registered User Posts: 6,018 Lord of the Forums
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    Contact support tell them you have the Prized animal barn so no longer produce Golden fleece, and ask them to push you through. Link to support is in my signature.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.


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