Cleaning things up from the farm, inventory, and friends and neighbor lists

BlissBliss Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 12 Pumpkin

It seems to me game performance could be significantly improved if Zynga would just let us clean things up.

  1. Removing things from the farm. I have a Workstation I cant get rid of, cant sell, and the game hangs up every time I click on it. That is just one of the annoying left over things that clutters up my farm. The Racing Stable is another. ect ect. Every single thing on the farm should be removable or at least storable.

  2. Selling/destroying stuff from Inventory. I have things in inventory left over from quests that can't be sold or destroyed. The farm sign, balloons, baby animal pens, ect, ect. I don't even want to sell them, just get them out of my inventory.

  3. Removing neighbors and friends. This is the most annoying thing ever. I have different neighbors when I play in Facebook compared to Zynga, and different friends lists too. I would like to be able to prune both lists down to a workable list that is the same on both sites.


  • QC_HillQC_Hill The One Who Knows It All Registered User Posts: 2,040 Lord of the Forums

    I agree. I'm sure game performance would be improved if we could get rid of excess inventory and neighbours and friends.

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 3,227 Lord of the Forums

    I agree with a lot of this

    1. I don't have buildings would love to get rid of but for Helping Hands, Breeding barn as never use it, the Singing Birds which I have 2 of as were two different quests to get one. I never got the Racing stable to good on that
    2. I would love inventory cleaned out or be able to sell stuff and that way could sell what I want and have kept what do want. Like holiday decorations and some other things.
    3. Neighbors would love to be able to remove on own from neighbor bar. But Z messed with that area in another game years ago and was never restored to where we could add/remove again. The lists when you ask someone for something some were having issues with recently. My list in a huge list on Zynga side with ones I do not know who even are or do not play anymore or were ones I played games with a long long time ago. But never FV2. Plus my list is different on FB too. Less people on it than on Z side.
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