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Presently, we have Guinea Hutch, Summer Crafter's Corner, and Happiness Haven. Each game requires several posts for ingredients, and combined with harvesting other players requests, it's impossible to play all the games before reaching daily limit. Guinea Hutch is a waste of time (to complete it all would take at least 2 - 3 days to collect all ingredients from posts. Too much. If, by chance, any gamemakers read this section, Please, co-ordinate with others so that there's balance within quests. The other 2 games are phenomenal; I won't even bother with the 2 rats roaming my farm.


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    You think this is bad?.. I've seen worse, much worse.. The Guinea Hutch is doable, you have 20 days to complete it.. The devs don't read these forums, obviously.. Anyways, if you like the prize from the quest then work on that quest, otherwise don't stress it. The asking for items from all these quests are to entice the player to buy farmbucks to help them progress. It's how Zynga makes money..

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    Myself I pick which ones I want to do. Yes we have some Weekly/Builds still out on our farms and outside stuff as well. No one said we had to do everything that comes.

    I just completed the Turtle Tank and is gone now and something else left too. The things am not doing I either store the frame build when comes or place and leave as a frame.

    The Turtle thing wasn't bad at all.

    The animal play houses that you get 2 of the animals isn't bad to complete either. The one part that takes me the longest is getting all the 8 quest cards completed for that part to get one of the animals but when you have time and easy enough I keep going on those. I will start something if different but if I get stuck or just some of what I need looks simple enough but time for these items and that has taken too much I just stop or something else.

    I like the way I play. A lot less stress since don't have to do every release that comes my way

    I would love just farming even.

    But with Z focused on Money is another reason too. So after the last game I played wore me out as Zynga changed it up too after a year or two and quests started needing double, triple items from when only had to complete one time through or such.

    And swore that game would be my last. But gave this one a try and no different

    But still like playing even if for a few minutes a day or a little longer if doing a mission. But playing the way I wish is what works for me

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    I wonder if they have more post for because of the problems with peeps not getting the ask for items?

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