revert the coop

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You have totally spoiled our game since these changes - i don't even "get" why the need to change something - and surely any change should be by choice not compulsory. To improve this game, change it back.. because this is NO improvement.

we had non active members we by choice carried, one of which was my disabled daughter
I am disgusted. As owner i should be able to remove players. Not one of my original coop team are able to get in the top 3 and consequently get a little water, because your new coop members rush through doing maximum and get top farmer each week - same 3 players.

NOT only did you "fix" what wasn't broken, - you still don't fix that actual issue we had before - and that issue was surrounding requirements - in order to complete a task I have to 1) BUY FARM BUCKS - FOR A CROP I DO NOT HAVE DUE TO LEVEL - THAT in itself is pretty disgusting - doesn't matter how many times I disgard it, it keeps coming back. I WILL NOT buy dragon fruit!
2) The requirements are ridiculously high - just because we are on a high level doesn't mean we have all that in stock - still takes the same amount of time to grow 6000 carrots when you want 350 carrots and a further 350 to make an item that takes hundreds of power that you can't get in one week.
I am the owner and I want to be able to remove players - it's unfair when we have invested in the game for our game to be changed. Zynga seem to want to PLAY our game - so pls go ahead and plant and harvest the crops, cos it's a waste of my time. I can't ever complete any missions/tasks because requirements are too high, but at least with coop I could do some and was rewarded with water every so often. Now i will do 1 order and only 1, just so zynga don't remove me from my own coop!
TOTALLY SPOILED. all support says is there are no plans to allow us to remove players - THAT IS DISGUSTING. I don't understand zynga, every single game they ever develop they ruin. so, if you want to improve the game revert the coop and maybe consider asking players what they want, and then giving CHOICE.



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