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I used to play years ago, and I remember vaguely an option for people to click that allowed the objects to be sent to the posted player.
My posts don't look like that anymore. I've searched the game options in a few places, and I've gotten notice that some people can see the posts, but I don't think it allows them to send wanted items. It just sends them to play the game.

Am I missing an option under the games tab? Am I missing it somewhere else? Is this a bug because of the game being different from years ago?
I'd really appreciate if there's ways to fix this since atm, im not able to get alot of the quests done since 'post' gives me nothing.
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    In your settings you make your posts, Public, Friends Only,Private. make sure you set it to public or friends. If you have joined any FV2 Groups, you can also send posts to Groups. However, there is a known issue, where ASKS/requests are not getting through on both FB and Zynga. It has been going on for a few months and we have no idea of when it will be fixed.

    Also, are you sure your friends actually play FV2? no one might be clicking on them because many people have Blocked FV2 posts from their timeline. If they are Public though, players can do a search for items they need and can click on yours, without you being friends

    You might have more luck if you SYNC your current FB farm to Zynga and play there.


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    That used to happen many years ago (FB posts sending people to the game), it was a temporary glitch at the time, but not heard of that in a fair while.

    Your link looks ok to me at face value, but as you have it set to 'friends', I can't check the URL behind it if it was on your FB timeline to see where it's pointing at.
    Agree with Irena, I have mine set to 'public' (just game posts) and share direct to a FB group direct from the game.

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