Are we going to have more orchards to put the new trees in????

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Would like more orchards to buy and upgrade. We have new trees but nowhere to put them.



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    Just keep on your farms trees that are
    1. required for quests
    2. not blue ribboned yet
    3. required for crafting to gain points and $

    Don't waste your orchards, with trees that you will never use.

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    More groves/orchards would be awesome!!! Even just to put quest trees in for a short time they take less water & fertilizer. When done with them just sell them off & put something else in. I'd LOVE to have more available.

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    @shakespam_123 If you have time, would you tell us what trees you keep on your farm that you consider "required for crafting to gain points and $", please? With your game experience I'm sure you have a good idea of which ones are always needed. I think it would be helpful for a lot of us and especially for new players. Do you elder the others and keep them in inventory?

    I keep a dozen elder apple, date, fig, lemon, olive, orange, peach, pecan, and pine in inventory to pull out when needed. I also have the Level 1 Orchard that I use a lot.

  • shakespam_123shakespam_123 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3,593 Lord of the Forums

    Hi @Country_Girl_60
    I keep about 8 groves of heirloom spruce trees. They take the least water and least amount of time to be ready to harvest. I use the heirloom wood to craft my rakes (double) and for the heirloom combs that give the highest XP in the kiln.
    At the moment the craft that wields the most dollar per input of resources and min amount of power for me is Heirloom Burlburin nut oil, so I have in the past been working with those trees to get my resources, I have $174 Million stock in inventory that I sell when I need them.
    I always elder the trees and store them until I need to prune new ones and I sell from inventory (as you only need 4 to prune in a grove for most trees)
    When new trees are released I put 4 in a grove heirloom them and when they elder and are blue ribboned they go into the inventory. This is my thing as the tasks are so high and slow going I am focused on blue ribbon the animals, trees and new crop.
    When I am running low on regular stock like just recently lemons. I will put new trees in a grove or two and increase my stock. Always heirloom.
    However I always have a grove of fig/lemon/apple/pecan/olive trees as they tend to pop up in tasks more often than others.
    Also I have eight groves of trees near fields (usually the ones I am using at the time) and I use my farm hands to water the grove and they then also water a field, so I am maximizing my farm hands.
    I don't use the Orchard that much as I find the kindling doesn't tally, prob just a glitch on mine.
    Of course all this depends on your level, the craft items have changed as I have leveled up, however the heirloom wood trees haven't. Look at what is coming up in your kitchen, workhouse and kiln. I had hundreds of thousands of the resources for the combs before they came avail to me, and its a great level up tool.
    Hope that explains a bit of how I play, and utilize the groves.

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    I plant my groves (all pruned) in rotation so that I always have whatever I need in hand. I have a list of all available coin trees, and highlight the ones I have used in groves so that I know what to plant next when a grove is eldered. When I'm done with the list, I create a new one since they have been bombarding us with new trees so much now. As of now, I have 130 different kinds of trees that are available to me for coins, so it's been slow going. I keep a hundred of each kind of eldered trees in my inventory. I pull out a variety of 500 elder trees (10 each) whenever I do a 30-minute or more free water. That helps me replenish my stock of non-heirloom produce as well as gives me lots of kindling. When I'm doing a 10-minute free water, I only take out a hundred, and when doing a 20-minute water, I take out 200.

    I used to do the combs, but then my level-up requirement increased exponentially, so I stopped doing that. At my level, I need over 80 million xps for a level-up for which I would need to craft over 8000 combs. Nope, not doing that anymore. I just try to win as many level-up certificates as I can.

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    @shakespam_123 Thank you for your gracious answer! I think it's helpful to read other player's ideas and strategies for playing. Take care and stay safe. :)

  • shakespam_123shakespam_123 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3,593 Lord of the Forums
  • TCharlieTCharlie Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 439 Forum Detective

    This thread was extremely helpful. I am newly returned to playing and I appreciate your shared knowledge.

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