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Why oh why is it so stinking hard to get things needed. I've been posting for 2 or 3 days for seed boxes and snow powder but I can't get any. I used to know how to post in the Temporary Feed but I can't seem to remember how any more and the instructions at the front of it haven't been correct for a long time.


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    There is another similar thread that is like for old quests or such that does have the correct instructions I believe.

    Maybe someone can post the link.

    The Temp Feed link instructions have not been corrected and reason why is Zynga and won't be changed so if find that thread as it is monthly too and not one that is started by Zynga like the main Temp Feed one is

    But getting items is hard with people who may be playing these days if playing on FB as well.

    I play on Zynga side and seem to get my wall post items quick if start enough in time other wise slow to get

  • Wendy_Clark1Wendy_Clark1 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 52 This Space is Available

    @d1b662 I think everyone is battling to get clicks on their posts

    Here is the link for the instructions to post to the Temporary Feed ... they are at the beginning of the thread

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  • shakespam_123shakespam_123 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1,843 The Chosen One

    I find lately I am getting less from posting and majority from what I click on. Frustrating as it takes days and days to finish stuff now. I counted one that needed 15 unitards and it took me 8 days to get them, and a lot was me clicking not off my posts.

  • Janet DeleeuwJanet Deleeuw The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 696 Dedicated Go Getter

    I am finding the same - I am trying to get chocolate creams and no clicks on my posts. And of course when I do find any on the feed, I can only click on about 4 before it tells me I have accepted too many. This game is not a game anymore, it is a huge chore and I am doing less and less on the quests. The only reason I need the chocolate cream is because I do want to finish the side quest (not sure why, there is no reward in it!) but I am getting to where I don't care enough anymore to play much. Add to that - in my fair, the lead person went from 0 to over 940,000 points in 12 hours yesterday.

    So I will work on my co-op and heck with the rest... I have a feeling that when the game closes for good, I will be a little sad, but a lot relieved!

  • gameplayer2011gameplayer2011 Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 1,269 Genius Genie

    I agree with what you said Janet. I played another game by Z and their quests/tasks were simple when game started you would only need so much but then they increased the tasks you did and items needed to like 5x what you had to do. If only needed to do stuff one time through back when game first came out after a couple years it increased and increased etc.

    I started feeling like was living my life just to keep up in that game. Farmville 2 started same way. Simple then crazier and crazier.

    Why have really stopped playing all out these days now.

  • Janet DeleeuwJanet Deleeuw The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 696 Dedicated Go Getter

    I look in on my Farmville farm now and then and have no idea why people keep playing it. The number of extra "farms" and the mega number of quests plastered all over the playing screen is enough to make me log out immediately.
    And yes, they do/have done that with all their games. I play Tropic Escape but most of my beach club is getting super tired of all the cruises, events, and other stuff thrown at us and we hardly play anymore.
    Zynga is very good at running players off!

  • LegendaryLegendary Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 91 Chocolatier

    I have played numerous Z games but I can't remember any of them asking for quite so many "post for" items as FV2 has lately. I would love to help lower level players when I see items posted for events I finished forever ago, but unfortunately, I am always at or near my max clicks for the day, all day, every day. And it never stops.

  • Irena.PIrena.P Forum Meister Registered User Posts: 4,458 Lord of the Forums
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    I think a lot of players have just given up on many quests, so are no longer posting for items. However, there are so many POST for items, they stand no chance of being visible in the live feed for long. Add to that, the endless drops of water, kindling and fert, and a massive list of items from Walters POP up of things no one will want, people INSIST on putting in the live feed, the chance of getting a full five clicks any more is slim to nil. Don't be part of the problem, STOP clicking CONGRATULATE when you visit, STOP posting to SHARE every bag of fert and each bit of kindling.

    It used to be the best way to get post for items was to play on ZYnga, Now I find, that posting on Facebook, especially if you have joined a couple of LARGE FV2 help groups, will get you the items you need, certainly within a day. Doing a FB search for the items will usually bring up a lot of posts for you to click through.

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