Start over or keep going?

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I am returning to Farmville 2 after an...extended...break. I logged back in and looked at my farm and I really don't know what I'm doing anymore. My farm appears to just be chaotic, I have a painting restoration event thing that keeps saying that I can click it to play early, but it doesn't do anything. I don't really remember how to get a lot of things or what a lot of things do.

Would it be better to just plug through, keep my level 88 farm, and relearn everything with trial by fire, or should I restart to get the hang of things again?


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    I would just keep going with your level 88 farm(, I'm currently level 455 and no way would I even think about starting over unless it's a second farm to my first, and maybe send some tickets into support about events not opening for you. It's like riding a bicycle or horse. You just have to get back into it and little by little, things start to come back to you. Also, just keep posting your questions in here and someone will come along and try and help you out. The biggest things are plant/water/fertilize and grow lots of prized crops.

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    Yes since you were at a level for probably all the things that are on your farm now to have opened up and are only at level 88 I would keep going where you are. If playing on FB or even Zynga.

    You are not very deep ahead with level 88. Yes a bit in but like poster above at level 455 which am sure I will never reach as game just is too much as it is.

    Myself am only about to level to 160 and happy being way way down. With some of these quests and what they are asking for too probably things for those way up there.

    But you are still young and you don't have to do the missions just play the way YOU wish and not as Zynga says you need to play or others.

    Yes post here in the forum and search the forum may have already been recent posts on some things you may have. We as players can guide you if you need further assistance. If need deeper assistance we will guide you towards support

    But your level is far enough that I wouldn't start over.

    It is just getting reacquainted with the game and more things as people do take breaks maybe overwhelmed. But to come back even more overwhelmed so just take it nice and easy and do what you wish.

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    @Skyeborne , welcome back! You will probably be bombarded with quests so don't get overwhelmed. Don't try to do them all at the same time. If I was you, and if you can, I would store the painting restoration and deal with it later. As Witchie said, search the forum about quests that you get. A lot of quests have had problems that you may run into. And as they said, "Ask A Player" here if you have questions.

    Here is a link about using your inbox (the envelope). If it's been an "extended" amount of time you might want to look at it to refresh your memory. A lot of people don't use it to their advantage.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Thanks everyone, I'm going to try to keep going. I think I got my farm setup the way I like it now.

    Yeah, I have been overloaded with quests and new buildings. It's getting hard to try to remember everything that I have gotten in the past day.

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