farmers who are cheating

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I have been playing farmville for sometime, but lately I have been seeing alot of cheating in the National Fair with 2x bonus. We are suppose get them when we reach 4000 points and they only last 24 hours. but I have seen some farmers who have them longer then that so that tells me that you are getting them for the links that show you how cheat the systems. Yes I have looked them up and have seen but never have used them because I don't cheat and I am sure there others out there who are not cheating either. but the ones who do and you know who you are. Do you think it's fair or right that while the farmers who work their butts off trying to get ahead in the game and then have other farmers thinks it is ok to cheat us . Well I have had enough of this BS so it is time for us farmers who play by the rules to show these cheaters that we are not going take anymore and report them. We need to make this game FAIR again for us all.


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