#SuggestionSunday on #FarmVille2OnWeb!

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Today is #SuggestionSunday on #FarmVille2OnWeb! Come share with us your ideas on how we can improve the game to better suit your farming needs!! #SundayFunday!


  • CrazyCravemanCrazyCraveman Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 119 Cloudylicious

    I would, as I have many of them...problem is, it wouldn't do a **** bit of good!

  • amb0830amb0830 Grasshopper Registered User Posts: 23 Delightful Duckling

    Got a new laptop. The most time I've been able to play game on either Zynga games or Facebook is seven minutes before I get kicked out or have to refresh screen. What is happening?

  • Argent AzureArgent Azure Registered User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

    I can think of a lot of things too suggest but it would take a long time to write it.

    So too start.There are way too many pop-ups!
    When I start playing it's awful.It's just an obstacle course of clicking X's to get rid of them.It's always something useless too.Instructions only needed for new players.Boxes forcing us into quests.I want to do things in order.Basic farming first, then I'll get to the quests.It's a pain to work around all of it.
    The boxes that say share,AND open a station or feature..whatever.I want a button to SHARE only.Too many things opened only to be immediately closed.

    The fact that you had the epic gall to change the watering to not draw the water automatically,but keep pestering us with that obnoxious pop-up telling us to refill.Why would you do this?
    It makes the sprinklers semi useless.I just have keep going through the slow aggravating process of refilling by hand,or keep dismissing those stupid pop-ups.
    I will NOT buy water from that pop-up!
    I won't buy water at all.
    Your financial interest is making the game play slower,harder,and more annoying.That goes too far.Please stop acting like penny grubbing beggars.
    I'll spend money on unique items.But pestering with pop-up boxes for basics is not good business.

    Why don't you try creating a single box to click to bring up all the current quests,or things to attend to.Then we could deal with it when we want to.Maybe even arrange it in order of priority.
    Cut down on the annoyance,and visual clutter.

  • JoydJoyd Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 18 Muffin

    i couldn't agree more with Argent Azure -too many popups - I don't post to FB so stop those too - I won't ask my friends to play the game just because I do - stop asking me to post.
    Sometimes I am embarrassed to say I play the game!!!! NO POP UPS or give us the option to turn them OFF.

    As for Water - why can't you do one offer a month to build a well and get unlimited water for one day or even 12 hours?
    Yes we have to build the well with common things no to buy them.

  • shakespam_123shakespam_123 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2,819 Lord of the Forums

    Get rid of the pop up when you are out of water and put it back to drawing automatically please.

  • Jacquelien DalmolenJacquelien Dalmolen Clueless Cookie Registered User Posts: 35 Learning the Ropes

    make sure that all 'junk' in our inventory is removed when it is no longer used, or where you have collected too much, for example if you have to build a building that you have asked too many items, that will all remain in our inventory, but used a lot of data! If all that is cleaned up then I think the game will also have fewer bug's because less data is needed to run the game.

  • Nicki Boster WallaceNicki Boster Wallace Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    Items that go in your inventory: it would be helpful to have a use button when u want to use what you have so it will be easy to see what you have & know when to collect more.

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