Co-op Invites [DECEMBER 2017]

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Howdy Farmers!

Here's our DECEMBER Co-op Invites thread. You can promote your FarmVille2 Co-ops here.

Just share the name (as it's spelled in the game) of your co-op so interested players can search it in-game. You can put additional information like descriptions and goals.

We also ask that you be nice to your fellow farmers as this thread is definitely still subject to Zynga's RoC.

Happy farming! :)


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    Hi and thanks for reading!

    I started a co-op last month after having a hard time finding a good one. So far, it's just been me and I really need members! I've been able to meet goals and complete towns but it is no fun doing it alone. All I ask is:

    • Be helpful - give help to others :blush:
    • Do your best - just do the best you can to chip in on goals - no pressure

    Please join, it'd be great to have new members and I like to help. So let's help each other in a new, blooming co-op and happily farm.

    The co-op name is Atlas Club and the motto is "come one, come all". Thank you!!

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    Hi, i founded my Co-Op this weekend because i was tired of poor moderated ones.
    What i'm looking for:

    • People that try to complete the order goals of the game;
    • Active users; As much as you can...

    Everyone will be respected, i'm not gonna keep replacing players, if together we manage to put together a good co-op, it will be cool to see us help each other.

    CO-OP NAME: Catnip :3
    (Because,... cats...)

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  • gaetanegaetane Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    Gatineau is the co op name. We need some new members who do their personal goal every week and also help the coop to reach their goal. We are welcoming you all.

  • Barbarina21Barbarina21 Grasshopper Registered User Posts: 80 Dramachine

    Greetings from CropMaster B

    We had a great co-op, but the owner had to leave due to a serious illness. We were left with no owner, and no way to remove those who have since become inactive. We've reached our co-op goal every week without fail for years, but it's becoming more and more difficult to do. I've started a new one for us, and we need more members.

    If you're a regular player who likes the extra favors and the instant-grow when the co-op goal is reached, this is the group for you. We ask that everyone be able to communicate in English, commit to completing at least 15 orders per week, and be considerate of and courteous to other members. As part of that courtesy, if you will be unable to participate in a given week, we ask that you leave the co-op and rejoin when you are again able to contribute. To avoid undue burden on other players, those who stop contributing for two weeks without explanation will be removed.

    It's easy to stay in touch. We have a Facebook group that is open to all co-op members. It's a great way to provide game tips, post bonuses that are found, information about real-life events that may delay or prevent your contributions for a time, or just to chat.

    Search for:

    CropMaster B

    Ours should be first on the list. The icon is a bouquet of yellow flowers, and the motto is "Surplus."

    Come join us! It's a great group!


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