Song birds are here



  • PinkBananaPinkBanana Forum Detective Registered User Posts: 696 Dedicated Go Getter

    Just failed at collecting 800 lemons, raising 7 calves, harvesting 280 eggplants and crafting 13 soaps (with 39 bottles), within a few hours. So can only get 4 points from lesson 1.

    Yes, it's likely that these birds end up being annoying, like many of the other animals. The various dogs often slow down the game. And the rooster is very annoying from what I read, don't have the rooster myself.

    I keep the cat that gives salt n pepa, and the dog that digs up harvest points on the farm. The two other dogs are quite slow, and for now there is enough speed-feed on the farm anyway.

    The songbirds look beautiful, and their singing was the main reason for starting the quest?

  • cdbuchmancdbuchman The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 717 Party Starter

    I have one songbird, completed but don't see the bird. Do you have to wait to the end?

  • GuggeGugge Cream Corn Champion Registered User Posts: 2,799 Lord of the Forums

    I just finished and got the quintet. I got them, I planted, I watered and they speed grew a field without me having time to fertilize, just as several others have said. But hey, at least it was a 24 hour crop!

  • RIAP27RIAP27 The Chosen One Registered User Posts: 892 Grand Poohbah

    I'd have loved this I am sure but stuck on lesson one forever. Can't get the needed items and crafting almost 200 stuffed horses seems extreme. Will take weeks . . .I am VERY disappointed in this one.

  • GirlyGeekGirlyGeek Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

    I finished the songbirds task. I have all the songbirds but they're not instant growing anything. I've been finished for a week and nothing yet. How are they supposed to work?

  • Colleen MurphyColleen Murphy Lord of the Forums Registered User Posts: 7,410 Lord of the Forums

    ...1 field and 1 crop since the 9th of April.... for me that is 11 days. I put mine in the back of my farm so I don't get mad when I see it !

  • lastinylastiny The Pesky Helper Registered User Posts: 1,443 The Boss

    Lol, looks like I did the Songbird quests just to get a decoration (not overly hard but still...) they have not harvested a thing. Guess this was just a late april fools joke!

  • MontgomeryClarkMontgomeryClark Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 108 Cloudylicious

    These things are for the birds. As far as I am concerned they are a waste of water...they swoop in before you can fertilize the crop and all it leads to is having to replant the item. It is a disadvantage in the county or state fair even if it is a small one. Five waters for a field or one water for a is water that can't be used in the fair competitions because they don't allow you to fertilize the crop. I'd honestly just as soon not have them taking up space and being noise pollution.

  • ChelyanChelyan Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    Agree, I thought this would be something you could control, so I worked hard to get there, but I am finding it more of an annoyance as it is. So many rewards in this game turn out to be less than expected, or seem to have been misrepresented. Recently my co op reached level 100, and the reward was stated as a "3 day water certificate". But it wasn't a certificate, it just gave us 3 days of water starting from when we clicked on the Market Stand.

  • ChelyanChelyan Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    Also, they should give us some way to remove them.

  • JroqFarmerJroqFarmer Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 66 Captain Obvious

    I finished the game, have the fancy bird house, now what? I don't see any bird action. I'm reading that birds just swoop in and do things, but not seeing anything or any birds other that in the house, like a decoration.

  • jenjen32117jenjen32117 Not a Title, but a Star Facebook Connect User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star

    These birds are going in my storage...sad enough. They harvest a random grove, but only before you fertilize. So you get 5 items & have to waste 5 more water to regrow. Not worth it!! Never see them do it, & do not get to choose when & where they will harvest. Just all of a sudden notice a plot is fully grown. Never a fertilized plot though. Also they don't fly & sing around your garden, ever. All that work & will be stored. Hope they change something!! "Giving the Bird"

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