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Just upgraded my laptop after the last one finally died and the game runs great on the new setup except the neighbour bar, fert/water counter etc are so small. When I open the order board, dryer and any other building the pop up screen is also very small.

I thought it may have been a resolution thing so I changed my resolution and reloaded but everything is still small. Searched the forum/guides but can't find anything helpful.

Has anyone come across this issue before that can point me in the right direction? Thanks.


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    I've had this happen with a fluke action of using the browser zoom and switching between full screen and not full screen. The top and bottom UI elements were darn near microscopic :) Control+0 followed by a refresh will restore the browser zoom for the Flash container. Hopefully it will fix your issue.

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  • donkz73donkz73 This Space Is Available Registered User Posts: 248 Gabby Enthusiast

    No such luck Anya but thankyou for the response.

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