What is the good of shared orders?

Gardengirl12Gardengirl12 The Chosen OneFacebook Connect User Posts: 1,791 The Chosen One

Mine are not counting but besides that, what good are they? They sure use up your inventory quick, that's all I know.


  • PalupoPalupo Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 651 Dedicated Go Getter

    Its meant that multiple people do them, they give bonus favours , i prefer doing them over those what give only 1 or 2 favours( most those shared orders are mostly similar to those between)

  • sayyadina67sayyadina67 Assassin Registered User Posts: 1,248 Genius Genie

    Up to 50 extra favors that are contributed to by everyone and everyone gets...that is about 25% extra favors each week...but there are those that do like them and those that do not...I do.

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  • Mara1022Mara1022 On Fire Registered User Posts: 1,089 Pet Queen

    I like them too, but I agree, they use up a lot of resources.

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  • vmtoombsvmtoombs Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 13 Pumpkin

    I like them because of the extra points to level up I receive craft the hundreds of items. My co-op tries to limit which ones to do (as long as we do 10), as some are impossible as we are very small co-op. It does seem that if you do not complete some, the next time there are easier ones to do.

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