Launcher/Loading Tips, tricks and possible solutions.

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There are hundreds of threads about Launcher/loading issues, plus a "Stickied" thread that is inexplicably in ANNOUNCEMENTS. Lost in all of this are some tips which may help, but impossible to find using the search feature.

So, this thread is for posting any tips or workarounds that have helped you to get your game to load. PLEASE, don't post in here that your game isn't loading and you are going to quit FV2, use one of the other few hundred threads for that.

HINT, making a new thread every day, saying the same thing, will probably not attract attention from the Moderators. Threads with one or two posts just drop off the radar. The Stickied thread in Announcements has been acknowledged by the moderators.
If you want us to feel your pain, better to keep adding to this thread linked below

Sometimes you may need to uninstall land reinstall Launcher. Launcher is actually called " Farmville two" you have to search for it using exactly those words written like that. its an App and looks like this in your files.

After uninstalling, clear cache, then do another search for "farmville two", you might find you have some left over corrupt files from launcher that you can't remove. :/ If you reinstall while they files are still on your PC, they will continue to mess up the Launcher.

I use an Uninstaller program to get rid of these, actually I use it to uninstall anything I need to, its free, easy to use and efficient, its called 10bit Uninstaller, Google it and download.

Before you start Uninstalling, try this:

When you sit staring at the Splash/white screen, if you see your inbox(envelope) Click and accept 3 or 4 requests, close the inbox, repeat this several times, always accepting 3 or 4 requests. NOT gifts, NOT notifications, just requests. This always prompts my game to load. Often, if you have left the sound enabled on your farm, you can hear the farm sounds behind the white screen, so the game is open and working, it just needs to fully load.

Make sure you only have FV2 open, and not another twenty windows, fighting for RAM.
FV2 eats up memory at a scary rate. You need AT LEAST 8GBs of RAM, and FV2 plus Launcher isn't sharing, it is going to eat it up.

Also, Amazon Servers are hainv issues, enough to seriously affect numerous Amazon functions, Zynga hosts its games on Amazon servers, so, you can look in on Amazon website to find out if they are having problems, it gives updates, also links t Amazon Twitter and Facebook so you may discover certain games are down because of it. Google "Amazon Servers down" I cant post a link because the thread may be deleted.

If you have any useful tips to get your farm to load, please share it in here. B)

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    Sorry about the typos in the above post, but I don't want to edit it because a thread I made earlier vanished after a few minutes and I don't want to tempt fate by annoying the "Bot destroying software" in place on the forum.

    SUPPORT If your in game "contact us" button is missing, use this.

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